How could I go back to live amongst the dead?

The other day I was talking with my practicum supervisor and she was telling me about how she really doesn’t like water. I don’t mean like she doesn’t like swimming or going on a bridge, but she doesn’t like drinking water. I could really connect with her on this because for the longest time, I myself, yes it’s true, I admit it, I didn’t like water. Hated it, really. I mean, it seemed so boring, so plain, so tasteless. Water was for suckers in my opinion. But now, I love water. It’s great. It’s so fresh and so clean, so pure, so good, and now when I drink lots of it I can’t even imagine drinking pop or juice or anything sugary.

So I really started to think about water after this conversation and how pure and clean and good it is, and how I really used to hate it but now I can drink it all of the time. Seriously, water is truly the most pure drink that you can have. And it was such an adjustment for me to get used to drinking it because I’d had so much sugary pop and juice and all of those kinds of things. My body literally had to get used to it because I was all clogged up with toxins and the water just kept working away, doing what it does, washing away all the bad stuff. And now, I like it. Maybe even love it.

And then I started to think about how the same is true with me and my relationship with God. I don’t mean to get all Max Lucado on you, I mean this is kind of a cheesy illustration but it’s really true. We all have such toxic hearts and God just wants to clean that right out of us, just like the water does.


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  1. Kim

    So very true! God and water! I understand what you are saying Chelsey. I get the connection totally. What a wonderful connection….you are good!!! You should write a book,you are such a good writer!
    I also, didn’t drink water until I learned to discipline myself to exercise. This all started about 10 years ago. I thought water was boring, not very exciting at all. Who really cared if it was good for you? I could barely get it passed my lips. BUT….now it’s my favorite drink and I drink more water than any other fluid. I love it and I actually crave it and can’t go a day without drinking at least two bottles. I make sure and take some with me if we are travelling, make sure I have water at my desk at work, and definetly make certain I have a bottle while on the treadmill. What a major change in my life. I feel so much better. I rarely drink pop but I still drink too much coffee.
    The same thing happened with God. I never thought about him, never understoon him and thought anybody that trusted in him was weak or boring or both. I had no idea what I was missing. Once I got to know him and once he became my friend, now I don’t know how I lived for all of those years without him! My heart craves him. So,I take him with me when I travel, make sure he’s with me while I’m at my desk at work and he’s even close by when I’m on the treadmill
    Water and God, both so good for me and both so pure and refreshing!

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