We made it, we’re here! On Sunday night in Salmon Arm it started to snow and so we figured that we’d better leave by 5:30 instead of 6:00… and we rolled out of town at about 5:55… so good thing we “planned” to “leave earlier”. We knew the Kokahala was closed but we decided to move onward and wait if there were any delays. At the last second we decided to take the #1 and go through the Fraser Valley, which now we are very thankful for because while we were on the ferry making our way to the island, the Kokahala was still closed. And besides the Fraser was such a beautiful drive. Pictures coming soon.

It was pretty strange coming out of the Fraser Valley, whose trees were heavy with snow (it was very picturesque) and then driving through Abbotsford with the sun shining so much that it felt like summer. We even tried out our air conditioning. It was unbelieveable. Sun shining, windows rolled down, and head-banging to Queen. Perfect.

And as soon as we pulled up to our new place in Victoria… rain. But we, with a ton of help (thanks!), got all of our stuff moved in and we are in the process of settling in and getting used to a new city.

Kerry and Blair are still here visiting and so Kerry has taken the brunt of a lot of jokes.

We got a new plant today, it’s a jade plant and it was a gift from Kerry & LaVonne. I love it.

Until next time…



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5 responses to “Victoria

  1. Jill Slywka

    hey chelsey and pete,

    glad to hear that you made it safely to victoria! i hope that you adjust quickly and that everything goes well for you out there. take care, and know that you are in my prayers.


  2. Dixie

    You are now official “Islanders”!
    I’m so happy to hear that you arrived safely and are settling into your new home.
    I’m looking forward to seeing those photos too!

  3. Anonymous

    Hey guys:)
    Thanks for blogging your journey out West…you always make me smile Chels! I am so excited for the two of you. Keep on having fun as you begin your life in Victoria.
    Thinking of you,

  4. Kim

    Thank goodness for the good ole’ blogspot! I was going to just wait for your phone call to night and then I thought I may as well call you and try out the new number. It works! I just tried calling and I got your answering machine, it was nice to hear Pete’s voice. Thank you for calling when you made it. We’re grateful you had a good trip.
    It’s a beautiful place and I’m happy we went out there last summer. Now, we actually know where you guys are at. Have great fun settling in! Thinking of you…
    Love Mom

  5. Tim and/or Wyatt

    Glad to hear you guys made it – we’re thinking of you as things begin there…

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