three month weekend?

So both Sunday and Monday have been excellent days.

Sunday we spent the morning with our church family and then we went out to Langford to have lunch with Kelly & Shawn Sims. I’d never met either of them before, but I’m getting pretty used to making conversation with people I don’t know, so it was all good. We had a really good visit with them and I had fun playing with their 10-month-old Black Lab, Trigger. Then we stopped at Superstore! Langford actually has a Superstore (I think it’s the only one in the Victoria area?)… so it was pretty sweet to visit the old grocery store and pick up some things for supper. We had Crystal, Hannah, Paul, Isaiah, James, Marley, and Marnie over for supper Sunday night so after we visited Superstore, we prepared for that and then spent the night visiting and getting to know everyone a bit better.

Then Monday I had my last day of practicum, which was nice, and after that I came home to find James in our kitchen baking a cake and making home made icing, which was a sight to be seen for sure. We met with about 15 other Young Adults for our Monday night conversation and it was another good night of laughter and a game of Wizard and dice. It is Marnie’s birthday today (Tuesday) so we were having an early celebration. And I have to say, I won the dice game, and not only did I win it, but I won it with style: 950 extra points. I think I can brag on this matter, I’ve never even come close to winning before and probably never will again.

And now, it’s Tuesday and the job hunt begins. Possible three month weekend? We’ll see.



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3 responses to “three month weekend?

  1. Your mom in Dauphin

    Hey Guys! It is so much fun to go in here every few days and check up on your life and read your thoughts and wisdom! We miss you, but oh how proud and happy we are for you. Love Mom, from Dauphin! Dad is in B.C. this week, Vernon and then Salmon Arm. Joy lost her bball Zone game, sad and bummed out! I know she will recover. We love you, Mom

  2. .jeremy.

    dice? like that “c-lo” game that they played in regina? for money?

  3. Hannah Yag

    Ok, I have to say, why spoil life by getting a job? THREE MONTH VACATION! YAY!
    WHo wants to work anyways, ask crystal, its no fun!

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