We’re here…

We’re at our new place. It only took us 25 minutes to load up all of our stuff. We are sooooo thankful to everyone who came out to help. It took about the same amount of time to unload everything! Jeremy’s right, we are becoming pretty pro at moving. Our new place is beautiful and we feel completely, undeservedly blessed to be where we are right now. And I don’t mean just about the new place of residence.

On Sunday I sang to God and it was a truly powerful morning. Since then I’ve been reflecting on how indescribably intricate life is and I was struck by awe. I feel incredibly thankful for my life, for all that God had taught me and lead me through, for his blessings of sorrow and joy. All of it is so dear to my little heart right now.

Speaking of little hearts, I’m in my 9th week now. According to my book, the baby is now starting to look like a “proper” baby. Its hands, feet, and limbs are growing quite fast. Its fingers and toes are nearly complete, and touch pads are forming on the fingers. The eyelids almost cover the eyes and the nose has taken shape. The baby is about an inch in length.

In the words of Steve Buchemi’s character in ‘Big Daddy’ when he found out McDonald’s stops serving breakfast at 10:30: “Total mind blow.”



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4 responses to “We’re here…

  1. Kim

    I’m so happy that you feel so blessed and happy! I can’t wait to see & hold that little baby!! It’s so hard to believe that my little baby is having a little baby! My life and heart are full.
    Glad the move went well and can’t wait to see your new home too!

  2. kristen

    thats crazy it only took that long to load and unload! that makes moving a little easier :) and about your little one, i like to play around on http://www.americanbaby.com its got lots of little stories, info on pregnancy (week by week) and many other cool things!!

  3. TamaLa

    Can we have a picture tour of your new place please?!!
    Glad to know that you are so happy

  4. Kim

    I just sent you an email requesting the same thing as tamala, a tour of your new place. We can’t wait to see it!
    I’m happy to know that all is well in your world.
    Love Mom

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