Ageless Beauty

Frustrations of the week:

1) So a few years ago, Peter, Blair & I used to pretend not to watch e-Talk daily. But really we did. It came on right after Who’s Line Is It Anyway. We always hated it, but continued to watch anyway. One of those guilty pleasure things I think. So, right now I’m pretending that I didn’t just watch e-Talk daily and I didn’t just see them talking about bands like Stars, Broken Social Scene, Tegan and Sara, and dare I say, Death Cab for Cutie. I mean, is nothing sacred anymore? I don’t want to come across as one of those music snobs who always says “I liked their old stuff better” or who is always trying to prove how much they know about music, but seriously, love for Death Cab began in 11th grade and now to see that they get a few “mentions” on the OC and suddenly have instant fame. Some cool TV show tells the masses what is cool and suddenly something you love is exploited and torn from you. Dramatic maybe, but I don’t like liking things that somebody “cool” on TV tells me to like. It makes me feel like a lemming. So what do you do when something that you loved before somebody on TV told everyone it was cool and exploited the snozzberry out of it? I guess you write a blog about it and feel grateful that these things don’t really matter anyway.

2) I read once that there is a special kind of irritation to having your name spelled incorrectly. So to all of those who think they know how to spell my name, but clearly don’t, it’s spelled as such:

There is not a single “A” in my first name. Remember it.

Non-Frustrations of the Week:

1) Hanging out with my daycare kids. Man, they are sweet. They love the baby, they love my flannel stories, and they love my sweet songs. Maybe I should introduce them to Death Cab.

2) New camera.

3) Best husband … EVER.

4) Ultrasound yesterday. The babe gave us thumbs up. Pretty sweet.

5) Today was my last day of work before leaving to see a ton of family.

6) Pete didn’t practice elk calling too much.

7) Hung out with James Davies. Those other people that were there were pretty sweet too.

8) Yesterday I went to a brilliant used bookstore and hung out with James, Josh and Peter. Good moments driving in the afternoon sun singing along to an unnamed band (that was named a couple of times above).

9) Internet is working right now, I am able to post this blog.

So I went into greater detail with the frustrations. But there are way more non-frustrations. You don’t really need the details to appreciate them.



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4 responses to “Ageless Beauty

  1. dave


    I have to say “well played” for the lemmings mention. I haven’t heard or thought anything about lemmings since junior high, I’m almost sure. Its weird, I totally forgot about those things until right now when I read that.

    And don’t feel bad, because Blair still watches e-Talk daily pretty much every day.

  2. Kim

    I’m glad I’m part of the “ton” of family you are going to be seeing soon!
    Good blog! I’m happy your internet is working.
    Love Mom

  3. .jeremy.

    those bands arent worth listening to anyway. im sorry it just took you this long to realize this :)

  4. xblairx

    hey, i never watched e-talk. you liar. ok i did. but dave, why don’t you just drive to florida by yourself and have a great time…

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