To tell a little more about last week, there was a lot of hustling and bustling to get ready for Keri-Lyn & Alvaro’s big day. It was a crazy kind of fun. Pete and I also got to spend lots of quality time with Joy, which was awesome. On Friday, 10-12 members of Alvaro’s family arrived from Mexico and we had a huge “welcome luncheon” at Thunders. After that, a bunch of Alvaro’s family went to the crossing to start preparing for the rehersal supper. They made us an awesome Mexican feast.

Of course the wedding day came and went way too quickly, and it’s hard to believe that now it is another file in the old memory box, but it was a beautiful day. I had my first gig as a wedding photographer, and I think it went pretty well. I’m proud of the outcome anyway. The reception was hot, but the food was sooooooo good especially after running around snapping pictures all day. It was nice to sit and relax and enjoy everyone’s company.

And before we knew it, Sunday was here and everyone was heading back to where they came from. We had lunch with a bunch of Peterson’s at Kerry & LaVonne’s and then suddenly, it was quiet, and it was only Peter, Joy and myself. So we went to the Dairy Dip for some sweet ice cream. I got a double double Boo Boo Bubble (also known as bubble gum ice cream) and it reminded me of when I was little and I would get ice cream with my grandpa at Mouse River Park.

Then Peter and I hit the road toward Regina to catch a bit of Brianne’s wedding shower.

Late August is the best time to see the prairies, ribbons of late afternoon sun glowing over golden fields; the horizon, hazy like a faded memory. Weathered barns and farmhouses greet you every odd kilometer, their stories in waiting. The azure sky accented with bright white clouds that you could sleep in; they guide you toward the skyline, neverending.

There is so much more. Pete suggested we stop and take a picture, but sometimes you just need to enjoy moments instead of capturing them so we continued on our way. Of course that moment lasted for hours, the prairies are wide open spaces and this view lasted pretty much the whole drive. But it was so satisfying, I couldn’t bring myself to stop.

I visited with my friends; laughed and talked about the baby. Then we made our way toward Estevan, the golden sky disappearing behind us. The deep black night was lit by a myriad of stars.


We spent yesterday visiting with my mom and my grandma, and then we went out for supper when Randy got home. Stopped for ice cream and visited the new club house at the golf course. I’ve been spoiling my cat, and she’s been enjoying it. Catching up on sleep missed from last week.



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4 responses to “Estevan

  1. Anonymous

    who was that hot guy who was mc’ing the wedding???

  2. Kristi

    Reading that blog made me very home sick for Regina! Glad the wedding went so well.

  3. marrrrrnie.

    i’m always amazed at your writing, chels.

  4. Carolyn

    Hey! My name is Carolyn (Wiebe) and I went to Western way back in the ’92, ’93 years. Keri-Lyn was my “little sister” in the Big Brother/Big Sister program. I just saw that she got married! That is crazy! Can you email me some pictures – and her email address if you could. I would love to touch base with her. Sounds like all of you Roberts kids are grown up and starting families! Where are your parents? Your mom was our dorm Mom and I loved her a lot! Anyway, I am babbling, sorry – it is just neat to see what’s going on in peoples lives. I am in Mexico City with my husband and 2 kids. Would love to hear about all of you. My email address is:


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