The Storm That Never Was

Agressive clouds loomed over Estevan last night.
They threatened to storm but it was all talk.
This morning I woke to cool rain lifting the summer’s heat off my back.
Spooky stares longingly out the window as the splattering of drops echoes around us.
The house is quiet as the earth drinks.

Last night, however, as the clouds hung ominously in the sky, quiet could not be found in the Jocelyn house.

Our night was filled with laughter and conversation. We love our friends and their kids :)



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3 responses to “The Storm That Never Was

  1. xblairx

    oh man, those kids are sweet.

  2. Kim

    I’m so proud of you two! I miss you already. Hope you have a great visit with Mike and Kim.

    Love Mom

  3. .jeremy.

    wish i could have been there to hang out too. looks like a good time.

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