Inspiration for real…

Upon researching the history behind the word “inspiration” by use of the Online Etymology Dictionary, I have decided that, perhaps, alexisonfire’s sudden fame isn’t sincerely what inspires me. At this point, I have decided to unveil the truth.

I am inspired by art, namely poetry and photography, but I have been known to be inspired by other artforms as paintings, music, and possibly even sidewalk chalk. When someone has wrapped their tongue around the intricasies of daily life and expressed through such accurate use of the English language, exposing the raw, hidden beauty that might never have been seen or appreciated, it is like something has blown up inside of me. I feel like I can see. The world around me is different. You should know that when I use the word “poetry” I am not referring strictly to metrical verse, but any form of writing that has poetic spirit. Photography is very poetic for me as well, the wind is knocked out of me when someone has captured the exquisite nature that is the human experience by painting with light. Not every picture does this, at least for me, but the photos that display those qualities I used to describe poetry, those are the ones that really knock my socks off. It makes me want to live in a different way.

I am also inspired by those who have made a conscious effort to take a stand, despite the pattern of the world that surrounds them. People who have said to themselves, “This stops here, with me,” and they break the chain of whatever affliction it may be that was causing dysfunction in the world. People who have admitted, “I am the problem” instead of denying it and blaming everyone else. These people have decided to take the uphill slope wooded with thorns for the good of their neighbours, their family, themselves… these people are fresh air. They wake up each day and press forward instead of giving into their desire for instant gratification and the pursuit of personal happiness. I love meeting these people, hearing of their lives and living with them as the rest of it unfolds.

Given that I am inspired by those two things, you can pretty much assume that I am inspired by God since He is the beauty of the world that I find so wonderful through the mediums of art and humanity. I won’t go much further into the “God topic” because most of you know already that He is inspiring, and many of you already know what it is that I personally find inspiring about Him.

Now I am going to leave the computer and interact with creation.


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