Diagnosis: Negative

Just so everybody knows, I don’t have gestational diabetes.



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6 responses to “Diagnosis: Negative

  1. Anonymous

    yay.. that’s exciting… love you guys

  2. Smale Family

    Great news, but it’s a bummer you stayed away from the pie night so you wouldn’t be tempted. Enjoy your last couple months of your pregnancy.

  3. kristen

    mmmmmm now you can get back on the suga-suga

  4. Riinahttp://www.xanga.com/Riina2108

    thats good then you can eat chocolate;) Love you all very much!

  5. Anonymous

    yeh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!So glad to hear the news!

    Love, Grandma in Dauphin with Diabetes!

  6. Anonymous

    Great news…. So been there when i was pregnant with Monte. I’m glad your out come was the same as mine … thinking of ya
    with love and prayers Bobbi xoxox

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