It is I, Peter!

Well, since my wife has not cared enough about you all to post a new blog for a while, I thought this might be the perfect chance to step in and take over our blog. She is such a blog hog!

Actually, the truth is that Chelsey has been very busy and hasn’t really had a chance to sit down at a computer lately since she’s still at work till 5 every day and our evenings are usually filled until it is so late that she can’t bare to be on her feet any more. I wasnt sure what to write so I thought i’d begin by honouring my beautiful, courageous, strong, and confident wife. I know this sounds cheap and it may seem like i’m just trying to suck up, but I have honestly been amazed by my wife recently. I’m not sure if you have experienced the feeling of being almost 8 months pregnant. I know I haven’t, but I have witnessed it first hand and I have to say, with all due respect to all you ladies out there, that I could not wish for anyone more courageous and strong to carry my child. I know that it has seemed to everyone so far that our pregnancy has been without flaw and that Chelsey’s health has been smooth sailing, which technically it has, but what you don’t hear about is how she comes home from work every day with such a sore back that its hard for her to walk. Not only that but when she does finally sit down, she sometimes gets leg pains that are so sharp, her muscles feel like there tearing (I might be exagerating a little, but i dont know exactly how it feels and I think she deserves a little embelishment). Did I mention yet that our baby is kicking the heck out of her. Sometimes this violent little baby kicks so hard her whole tummy shakes. I dont know what he’s doing in there but he’s definitely going straight to ‘the naughty mat’ as soon as he or she gets out. Also, I’m not sure if you’ve ever thought about it before, but it’s pretty much impossible for a pregnant lady to lay on her stomach. This is obvious but did you also know that pregnant women are not supposed to lay flat on their back either? Something to do with pinching an artery and cutting the bloodflow to the legs. Anyways, this only leaves the sides and I think only the left side is recommended, but at the same time when she lays on her side the tummy’s weight pulls on her stomach muscles so much it hurts, so she has to prop up the tummy with a pillow. We now sleep with two new friends. The pillow to prop her tummy up, and the pillow to keep her from rolling onto her back. As you could imagine this has made it difficult for her to sleep well. Which reminds me that this human being that has grown inside her belly has taken up so much room that it is crowding her diaphragm and bladder which makes it hard to breathe and makes you need to get up twice every night to empty yourself. I’ll stop there as I may have already shared too much, but my point is that Chelsey is defintely a lot more strong and courageous than I am. I would be whining by now like you couldnt believe. Chelsey has faced this all with a humble attitude and accepted it as normal. I just had to take this opportunity to honour her for this and for doing an incredible job of carrying our child. She is amazing!

Other than all of this, our child is healthy and we are really looking forward to it’s arrival. We started pre-natal classes last monday night(TERRIFYING). I don’t know if the videos were necessary. Chelsey is actually finished working on Monday at noon. She’ll be on medical leave until the baby comes and then maternity leave for a year. Man, it would be sweet to have a year off to relax. (Thats a joke in case you didn’t know) I’m preaching my first sermon since coming to Victoria this Sunday. A little scary. Youth and Worship stuff is going well. I’ve been continuously challenged, busy, and either discouraged or encouraged which I believe are all good things. I may be done hunting for the year now(Im pretty sure chels is happy about this). Did you know we get a four month hunting season here in BC (thats exciting for me) I definitely took advantage of this. Ended up with a small whitetail buck and a nice bull elk. Enough meat to fill the freezer. Can’t think of anything else right now. Thanks for reading.




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12 responses to “It is I, Peter!

  1. Anonymous

    Hello Peter! Well said and I agree, by the way, she is amazing! Hang on tight, and by the way, you are amazing too! I am so excited to see you two as parents, you will be incredible! Don’t worry, before you know it he or she will be graduating and borrowing the car and keeping you up late at night, not to eat, but just to ask God to watch over…oh my goodness, the time flies! I am so very proud of both of you. Thanks for honoring your precious wife, she is such a blessing and hug her for me, from the side! I love you both and can’t wait to see you and meet my new little one! Love and a huge hug, from the Dauphin mom and grandma!

  2. Hans

    I’ve been watching and waiting for chels to post and today when I got on the computer to check I had this thought run through my head: Peter needs to start blogging. And to my sweet surpise…there you did! Hahah. GOod job…it was good to read. I have to say you two both amaze me and I look up to you guys a lot! Rock on!

  3. Kim

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww………Peter! That’s why I love you! It was so good of you to honor your sweet Chelsey. She is amazing and I know she has been suffering. I’m so glad she will be done work on Monday and has some time to get rested before this wonderful little blessing arrives. You are pretty wonderful too Pete! Can’t wait to see all three of you!!!!!
    Sending love, from the Estevan Mom and Grandma!

  4. marnie Deyotte

    chelsey is my hero!
    & im looking forward to hearing you speak on sunday, pete.

  5. Nickie21

    hey to the three of you! Chelsey you are soo strong and as hard as it may be you are going through the most beautiful time in your life. I miss you so much and think and talk about you constintally. I went to a retreat called the Live In last weekend and it was intense. Last night I ended up going to a FAITH supper. It was also powerfull the pastor ia a recovering alcoholic so I could really relate. please call me I don’t know where I put your number.I just called directory assistance and there is like 101 P Roberts in Victoria. erhhh. I miss you!
    Lot’s of love Nickie Mader

  6. Anonymous

    hey you there! I love and miss you all so much!

  7. Kim

    I wish I could be there to hear you on Sunday Pete.
    Love from Estevan mom

  8. Kristi

    I understand what Chelsey is going through. We only have ten weeks to go till our baby is born. We will pray for Chelsey and the babe.

    love your cuz,

  9. natalie

    Wish I was there to hear you speak today Peter; sure you’ll be marvellous. So strange that it’s been a year since you guys first came. You two have done quite the job.

  10. Jessie

    peter you are wonderful…you and chelsey are going to make the most amazing parents.

    you and chels are on my mind a lot and i am so glad to know her and the baby are healthy.
    oh, and way to pick up the slack on the blog.

  11. .jeremy.

    nice to hear from you pete. sounds busy in victoria.
    anyway. im in shanghai and i gotta run. talk to ya later

  12. Dixie

    Great blog, Pete!
    Yes, Chelsey is amazing, and you two are so good together, but you already know that : )
    I’ve seen you ‘in action’ leading your congregation, and I just know you’ll be awesome on Sunday.
    I lmao at your reaction to the prenatal classes – too funny!
    Love, Dixie.

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