37 weeks

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37 weeks, originally uploaded by chelseydroberts.

Here we are, full-term and fully pregnant. When I see myself in the mirror I don’t think I look as big as these pictures make me look. I can’t tell which is accurate.

My mind has pretty much been on the baby for the past little while and I’ve been spending lots of time getting the nursery ready and picking up all those little necessities…

Peter and I have been going to prenatal classes every Monday night. They are like pep talks before the big game… when I leave them, I just feel like going out there and birthing that baby! But then I come home and I just wait. And wait. Actually I still have lots to do before the baby comes so hopefully it doesn’t come too early. Peter and my mom think the baby is coming early.

We packed the baby’s bag for the hospital last night and got started on mine. I still have some things to pick up before I can be fully packed so that will be done soon.

I have a checkup today, I’ll let you know how it goes.



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11 responses to “37 weeks

  1. Jill Slywka

    i can’t believe it is nearly time – how exciting! enjoy your time before the little one arrives. i hope to get to meet them sometime in the not too far away future!

  2. Anonymous

    you are a beautiful momma!

    I’ll be thinking about you!!

    Love Alexis

  3. Timhttp://www.wyattsworld.wordpress.com

    You look great Chelsey.

  4. Anonymous

    Oh my Goodness, you look amazing, we are counting the days!!!! Can’t wait to see you and the baby~!Love, mom from Dauphin….

  5. kristen

    the time has just flown by it seems (although i’m sure your back begs to differ). you are looking radiant carrying that bambino around!

  6. Anonymous

    Hey Chels. You look so healthy and adorable. I really wish I could be there to touch your belly and help you out with everything. I miss you and Pete and I am praying for you both… Take care of yourselves and enjoy this next month…. Love, Keri (ur sis)

  7. Kim

    Aw….Chelsey, you look adorable! It’s nearly time! I was just going to bed and then remembered you saying you posted a new blog so ran downstairs to see, and there you are..pregnant and beautiful! Hang in there, it will be here before you know it..just ask Kimmy Fowler!! I love and adore you!

  8. Anonymous

    Wow, I can’t believe it almost time! You look great and are gonna make a great mama!

  9. brianne

    you’re really cute. i miss you lots.

  10. Anonymous

    Awww Chels….. You look so beautiful. Im so excited about this little one coming.. even though i know u r married find it hard to beleive at times cause i still think of u as this cute little girl with her elf and pigtails.I so hope i get to meet this little bundle of joy you and peter have created. Just wanted to let u know i think about you alot and love ya to bits. And i think u are one of the most amazing people. I feel totally blessed to have ya for a cousin Chels. anywho loves ya lots
    with love and prayer Bobbi

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