From one mutha to anotha

Reflections on Two Weeks of Motherhood

To sum it all up, basically my schedule revolves around eating. Eva wakes up in the morning and wants to eat. I feed her. Then I eat. Then I bathe or shower. Then she usually wants to eat again fairly soon. I feed her. Then I have a nap. I nap until she wakes up and wants to eat. I feed her. Then sometimes I have time to do stuff like blogging, but there is always something to do and email checking and picture uploading seem to not be so important. I eat or I visit grandparents. Or I hang out with Eva. Now she usually stays awake for a good part of this time. Then she wants to eat again. I feed her. Usually this is during our suppertime. Then I will try to eat something and go to bed and try to fall asleep as fast as I can. This is usually around 8 or 9. She sleeps, she wakes, I feed her. She sleeps, she wakes, I feed her. Then we start again.

So I do wish that I have been uploading more photos for you all and sending more updates, but little tasks like that sometimes just get pushed aside until there is time.

Eva is wonderful. She is so funny and fiesty and she has quite the little personality. You should meet her, if you haven’t already. She is growing and growing and changing every day.

Check Flickr for some photos.



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10 responses to “From one mutha to anotha

  1. Anonymous

    Hey Pete and Chels. Beautiful pictures.. ALl of you look so good and healthy and happy.. We miss you all so much and can’t wait to meet our beautiful little neice.. See you all in February, love you and take care. Uncle Alvaro and Aunt Keri

  2. kelli

    aw, i reeeeally can’t wait to meet her! so soon! love love love.

  3. Laurie

    Not sure if you would know me. But I just wanted to say Congrats. My parents live in Estevan and my mom is good friends with your mom (Chelsey) and I knew Peter when he was younger when I attended WCC. Just came accross your blog when I was blog surfing. Your baby girls is so sweet! Congratulations again! There’s nothing more fulfilling than being a parent!
    Take Care, Laurie Bouchard

  4. Tim

    Thanks for the update Chels and the pictures, they are really nice to see… but don’t worry all that much about pushing them aside for a bit either – I think maybe that’s how it’s supposed to be for you right now… thinking of you guys often.

  5. Anonymous

    Awsome pics Chelsey! A lovely family.

  6. xblairx

    can’t wait for makena and eva to raise some hell together when they get older. it’ll keep us on our toes…that is, if you guys smarten up and move back to regina already!

  7. Kristi

    She is so beautiful. I love the picture of Peter holding her at the keyboards. We are so glad to hear you are all doing well. Our baby is due in two weeks and three days. We are so excited. Cyrus’ parents arrive on Jan 25th and will be here until Feb 28th. We can’t wait. Take care and give our cousin a kiss for us.

    Love Kristi

  8. Smale Family

    Don’t get discouraged by not getting anything done Chelsey, just cherish each and every moment you can with your wee one as the time passes by so Fast!!!! She is such a sweet little girl and we feel so blessed having you here in Victoria.

  9. kelli

    chelseeeey! i leave today on the long journey that will bring me to your doorstep. see you lovelys soon. xo

  10. Trinda

    She is so sweet. I can hardly wait to see her. We think of you guys lots. I remember those days though…You know when nothing but eating and showering get done. hehe. She is going to have a great personality…being yous and pete’s child right there gives her a good head start!! Love ya guys!

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