BODYBREAK with Hal Johnson and Joanne Mcloud

Okay, so Chelsey has been a little preoccupied the last week or two so I thought I’d let you all know we are still alive and doing fine. Eva turned 1 month old today which is pretty crazy. It has gone by quickly but in some ways I can’t remember life without her. The last month almost feels like a lifetime. I must say, she is pretty amazing though! She’s smiling a bit now and has grown a lot. She’s still eating like crazy which keeps Chelsey occupied most of the day. She isn’t playing concertos on the piano quite yet but I can tell she wants too. My favorite thing to do is sing to her. Im not sure if I’ve actually sung a real song yet or not. I usually make them up as I go and they consist of lyrics like “Eva Marjorie, you are so pretty, I love you very much, your are so pretty, pretty little girl, most pretty in the world”. All this rhyming has got me to thinking about a possible collaboration with snoop dogg or ice cube at some point. Anyways, life is good right now. I am loving my work with the church here in Victoria. Things are not always perfect, but most days I love coming to work. There was a time in life where I didn’t think that was possible. Lately my heart has been filled to overflowing with love and appreciation for God and His guidance of Chelsey and I to this place in our life. At the same time, I also feel like God has blessed us so much that there has got to be a good challenge waiting just around the corner. I’ve felt a growing awareness that life will not always be filled with such joy as it is right now, and so I’ve found myself savouring each small detail of this phase in life. Ive also been trying to let the faithfulness of God, which I can see so clearly at the present time, soak into my heart so that if challenges do arise, I can look back and find trust in Him. But realistically what challenges could possibly arise. Eva might be the first child in history to not provide a challenge for her parents. It could happen.

Until next time, keep fit and have fun.



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7 responses to “BODYBREAK with Hal Johnson and Joanne Mcloud

  1. Anonymous

    Too funny Pete! I can picture you singing to Eva while walking her around because I’ve seen you do it. Love the song…and it’s oh so true! So good to hear from you. Take care and rock on with Eva!
    Love Grandma Kim from Estevan

  2. chelsey d. roberts

    nice touch with having the conclusion go back to the title.

  3. .jeremy.

    i miss hearing you make songs up pete. seriously. some good times.

  4. Mom from Dauphin

    Well said Pete and of course, she is perfect…so no problems! and she is beautiful and she is talented and and and…I miss her! I miss you both too by the way…glad to hear your reflections and so grateful for our time with you! We are so proud! We love you! Mom and Dad in Dauphin, the Grandparents of amazing Eva and Makena and Kiara and Kori and ….more to come I am sure!

  5. crystal

    Hey… the other day i stopped by andrea’s and she was finishing up with lst. got chatting a little with a few people and it got me thinking about you guys. if it wasn’t for our oversea’s experiences i wouldn’t of gootten to know you guys like i do. and i really am glad that i have had the opportuity to get to know you. you guys are an inspiration to me:)

  6. Anonymous

    Hey mom, you start saying things like that, about more grandchildren, you may start some rumours, and you don’t wanna do that…. Love you Pete and Chels, you are amazing people and your little Eva is so blessed to have you as parents, Hang in there. Uncle Alvaro and I will be there to help out soon:) love you two, take care, love, aunty Keri

  7. Auntie joy

    hey guys ..
    im extremely jealous right now that i have not been able to meet my little niece… but i mean i know shes beautiful i mean come on .. shes related to me…lol just joking guys. but i miss you both lots.. its good to know that you guys are doing good and i know you both are amazing parents. i love you and i hope to see you soon..

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