Chewing your nails… cracking your knuckles… putting your foot in your mouth… generosity?

I’ve spent the past couple of days thinking about generosity. Not all day, of course, that’s ridiculous, but here and there, on commercial breaks, 2AM feedings…and I’m thinking ‘what is there to say about generosity’? Or, more truthfully, ‘what do I have to say about generosity?’.

I thought about sharing a touching story, one that would really melt your heart, but I just wasn’t in the mood. I thought about talking about how I’m the most generous person I know at this moment as I give my life, my body, and more importantly, my sleep, for Eva. I realized that I was a little full of myself (and less than generous!), so I started to think about all the people who are more generous than I (and also more humble), but there are too many to list and I didn’t want to leave anyone out. Since I didn’t seem to have any original ideas, I thought about putting some quotes up from ‘The Power of Generosity” by Dave Toycen… but I already did that.

So I turned to Wikipedia, your friendly, neighborhood know-it-all, for some inspiration. And this is what they say:

“Generosity is the habit of giving.”
The first thing that struck me is that they called it a habit. Usually I think of habits in a negative context, but wikipedia says that generosity is a habit, and not only is it a habit, but it is a desirable habit. Now I’ve never looked at someone chewing their nails off and said to myself: “I desire that habit”, but when I read through about how Christ lived his life and when I see others living in the same way, it’s another story.
Jesus is generous always. It seems that every story about Him is a story of generosity. Sit down and take a read through Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. You’ll see that it’s true. You may find yourself thinking: “Man, that is desirable. I’m gonna have to get me some of that habit.”
And then, you should.


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4 responses to “Habits

  1. marnie

    dear chelsey,
    msn isnt letting me talk to you again. boo.
    i like your blogzzz.

  2. Anonymous

    Great Blog Chelsey and great to hear from you again.
    Love Mom and Grandma Kim

  3. Timhttp://wyattsworld.wordpress.com

    That’s some good stuff Chels – I think it’s true about it being a habit. I think it’s also true that a mother – especially the first few months perhaps – is one of the most generous parts of the life journey.

  4. xblairx

    i am in the habit of smelling bad.

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