So this weekend was Family Camp at Camp Imadene. This weekend was our first weekend trip with Eva. She did great. She didn’t enjoy the car ride up, but she was in an excellent mood all weekend.

One thing that I have really come to enjoy is witnessing the joy that Eva brings to people when they hold her. I watched so many people from our church family light up with joy, just from cradling her in their arms. It’s amazing. I love being able to be a part of it and to share with them the joy that she brings me every day.

We are home and I am tired, of course.

Now for some questions for some mothers out there:

1) Have you ever used a breast pump before, and what kind? What worked for you? I just got one and so far, I haven’t had the best of luck… I only was able to pump 2.5 oz.

2) What kind of “routines” did you have with your newborns? Did you rock them to sleep? Did they nap in their cribs or did you hold them? I’ve been reading “The Baby Whisperer” and the books have been very informative and helpful, but there are some things that I question and I’m curious about. For example, if you do pretty much anything (rocking, holding, use a swing, etc.) to put your child to sleep, that is considered a prop and is discouraged so that you don’t get into bad habits. I don’t want to start a bad habit that I’m going to have to break later, but I haven’t met anyone yet who sits by the crib and teaches their 4 week old to fall asleep on their own.

Motherhood, huh. Who knew?

Back to camp, I feel sad for those who missed out, it was a great bonding weekend and I think it was very powerful for a lot of people. I am so thankful to God for the people that he has placed in my life and for the paths that have lead us all to where we are right now… and to where we are going.



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10 responses to “Home

  1. Monica

    1)Avent Isis, it works well for me.
    It takes awhile to get used to it, and how much you can pump depends on when, and when you last fed her. Also, apparently 1-3oz per session is normal for pumping, so you’re doing fine. Check out kellymom.com, lots of good info there.
    2)I’m doing the Baby Whisperer too, more or less, but didn’t start till Linaya was about 6 weeks old. Till then, she fell asleep when and where she wanted, and the swing was my friend! BW has really helped since then, though.
    I hope this helps. You can email me if you want, at mdtaylor at sasktel dot net

  2. Bill Ulrich

    hey chels… i’d say 2.5 oz is pretty good (this isn’t bill by the way – don’t think he’d be much help with the pumping issues), the most i ever got at a time was 3 oz and i think that only happened once. anyway, i just wrote a whole bunch more stuff but it seemed like a book so i erased it and i will email instead. talk later.
    love erin.

  3. Pillewww.xanga.com/SmilePille

    I am so glad you and Eva are doing well! I would love to hold her too…
    You know i will be coming to the States this month. I have an appointment with one of the doctors there and also i am missing the Kendalls very much..
    I love you! Great big hugs from Estonia to you all, Pille

  4. Smale Family

    Glad you made the trek to Camp Imadene, it is a beautiful place. I wish I could have made it, it’s the first time I have had to miss. I never had any luck with pumping either, just got frustrated. On the other hand I loved to hold my babies until they fell asleep and then I would put them in their crib. I know this is time consuming but that time together was important to me, as it helped me to get the needed rest I needed plus just to look and gaze at what a beautiful gift God had blessed us with.

  5. Trinda

    all I can tell you is my experience. Jaiden was rocked to sleep most nights due to colic(aka…they didn’t konw what was wrong with him) and it took him till he was almost one and three nights of screaming for him to learn to fall asleep on his own. he would be up several times a night and need to be rocked again. I was a very cranky sleep deprived mother. Gabs on the other hand, we let her go to sleep on her own and she has always been good with sleeping. I don’t know anything about the BW. But I think if she will go to sleep on her own…one up for you!! But every kid is totally different. You guys will find your groove…

  6. Janet

    I’ll give my late congrats on the arrival of Eva. She’s beautiful. 1) I have no personal advice on pumps. A lactation consultant friend of mine says electric is not good, it should be a hand pump. 2) There are so many unanswered questions about sleep issues. I’ve heard the best things about The Happiest Baby on the Block book. I read it, too late to use the ideas with Kellen, however. He says you can’t spoil a baby in the first three months by using sleep aids. Then after that you wean them off of the need to suck to sleep, rock to sleep… He also says every baby is different and some take up to a year to be weaned off the sleep aids. I thought his ideas were really good and practical. Kellen was an incredibly good sleeper until about 4-5 months. Then things went crazy. Now the only way we sleep is when he sleeps in bed with us. I always wondered what I did wrong, but maybe it was just him. Good luck!

  7. Anonymous

    Hey Chelsey,

    I can’t remember the brand of pump I used but I remember getting one of the more expensive kinds and was glad I did. You don’t want any “body parts” getting squeezed off or stuck in some cheap pump and we all know it looks like that “body part” isn’t coming back. As far as advice…I don’t have an opinion on whether or not to rock your baby but I will say this…books all say something different as do people. I say do what works. If you love to rock Eva, rock her. If you would rather her go to bed on her own, that’s fine too. You are Eva’s mom, not the author of the Baby Whisperer. You know what she needs and you know what works for the three of you. All the little things work themselves out. I have no doubt whatever you decide will be the right one because your heart is in every decision you make. Best of luck, Ev

  8. .jeremy.

    well. i dont know anything about what everyone else is writing about. but i do know that i got evas picture in the mail and that was sweet. thanks for sending one my way. quite a good picture.
    keep it steady.

  9. John and Angie

    I thought about using a breast pump but I decided against it for chapping reasons.

    All the best.


  10. natalie

    Hope all is well – wish my basketball tournament could have been moved, GAH.
    If you ever need any help, dont hesitate to ask.

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