I want to write more than just an update, but that’s really all I have in me right now. 

The days come and go; they are flying by.  My days are pretty much the same.  Eva and I chill out together all day.  Somedays we walk.  Every day we watch Party of Five.  We both gush over Scott Wolf’s dimples… sigh.  We try to be healthy physically, mentally, spiritually.  We miss daddy while he’s working.

I have taken up cooking and feel rather motherly.  I wish I had an apron though.  Elise has an apron and I always think of how motherly she is in it.  If I had one I’d probably feel ultra-motherly.  In a good way.

So usually after Party of Five we start preparing supper.  It’s ready at 5PM just in time for the father to arrive home.

Eva and I saw the doctor on Friday and Eva weighs 13lbs and 2.5oz now.  She is in the 90th percentile for weight and off the charts for height.  She is 25inches long.  Can someone please explain the whole percentile thing to me?

Anyway.  My husband just made me a booster juice.  I tried it and it is like a party inside the mouth.  I’m going to go enjoy more.

Oh… by the way.  I uploaded 25 new pictures to Flickr.  We had a bit of a photo shoot goin on here this morning.  Check it out here.  (Make sure to go to the second page on Flickr, or you’ll miss out on some photos).



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9 responses to “Srsly

  1. Alexis

    percentile range: if Eva is at the 90th percentile, that means that 90% of other babies weigh less than her. Dude, she is going to be as tall as a totem pole!

    I love your pictures. I have Eva’s picture up at work and people are always commenting on how beautiful she is, and many comments on the photography as well :D

    ohhh my chelsey is all grow’d up

  2. Laura

    Great pictures. Hope we get to see you guys in May, at least one peek at Eva would be nice.

  3. marnie

    your photos of eva are beautiful. she is so gorgeous- i cant get over those eyelashes.
    i had the opportunity to take photos with an SB 600 external flash saturday night and let me just say i fell in love a bit. a certain someone is purchasing a used one for me as a birthday present. ohhhh boy. lets play with our cams together soon.

  4. Kimberley Bye

    Wonderful pictures Chelsey! What a beautiful little girl you (we) have and she’s growing so quickly. Love the smiles. I love all of the pictures of Eva, great takes. Great photography Chels, you take awesome pictures. You are famous in my books. I didn’t leave a comment on every picture because I would just repeat myself. I was so happy that new pictures were up. Thanks so much!

  5. Debbie Hale

    Hey you guys! It’s so nice to be able to post a comment now that you’re on this new site. Eva is a beautiful little girl, and you should be so proud! Just so you know, Becky was always in the 90th percentile when she was a baby. She’s come down some, but she’s still just a BIG girl.

    Anyway, miss you guys! I’m so glad we can talk on here now.


  6. Auntie Keri

    Chels. it’s always so good to hear from you. Sweet pictures. I sure miss little Eva and you and Pete.. Did you hear, there’s another girl in our generation. karl and helen have a baby girl. so exciting..!! Girls RULE!

  7. Auntie Joy

    Hey chels and peter.
    Its good to hear that shes growing.. that means she’ll be an amazing basketball player.. just like her daddy.. aww.. haha i miss you guys and im looking forward to seeing you soon!! Take care

  8. Auntie Joy

    oh and i love you…. i forgot that part! haha

  9. dad

    Unbeleivable Thankyou

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