Tony Campolo on the Hour

John posted the link to this video on his blog.  And I just couldn’t resist posting it as well. 

If you are curious as to what Jesus Christ was really about or you’ve always been curious as to why your friend or relative Chelsey D. Roberts is now a “Christian”, then you should most definitely check it out. 

If you already consider yourself a follower of Christ then this is for you. 

And, of course, if you like George Stroumboulopoulous (with or without the nose piercing)… enjoy.



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5 responses to “Tony Campolo on the Hour

  1. Kim (Mom & Grandma)

    Tony Campolo is right on!! Wish we had more like him! Thanks Chels. I appreciated all he had to say.

  2. i liked that one. good stuff.

  3. jdavies44

    Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea, get over it woman, just let it be , lol

  4. Kerry

    Great pictures Chelsey but less of the country and more of you know who would be great. They realy are great and so was your day. We realy look forward to seeing you all. Thanks for sharing.

    By the way happy Birthday son (April 3), Peter pudge, sweety Peety, or Peter Allen Roberts we are proud of you and love all three of you and pray daily for you.

    Have a great day Dad

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