Grocery Shopping

I had taken a break from taking Eva grocery shopping on my own.  She was too little.  Too much work.  But yesterday, my confidence was up and we headed to Superstore, just the two of us.  Things were going great.  At one point Eva wanted out of her carseat so I started manoeuvering the large buggy filled with food with one hand while holding the child in the other while she squirmed about and squealed with delight.  It was quite humourous and I was enjoying it until I noticed… the big poopy.  So I start rushing, but I just can’t find the seafood sauce.  I go to the sauce aisle.  The canned seafood.  The shrimp rings.  The imported foods.  Nothing.  Round and round we go, meanwhile the smell is getting stronger.  And, dare I say, some is coming through her clothing.  So eventually I head to the checkout.  We will have to go to Wal-Mart.  Eva at this point is getting quite upset that I haven’t changed her and has been crying since the shrimp rings.  So I’m holding her in one arm, trying to put the groceries on the conveyer with the other.  Eventually I just put her down and let her cry because it is faster.  Then I have to load all the groceries in the car because it was sweltering hot.  She falls asleep in her carseat and messy diaper just as I am ready to grab her.  So I wake her to make the change on the front seat.  She seems happy.  To Wal-Mart we go.  I find the seafood sauce right away.  But we need baby cereal.  Rush quickly to the baby section.  By this point I’m doing most things in fast-motion.  She starts crying again.  Crying and crying.  So we rush to the checkout.  Yesssssssssss there is a short line at checkout 2.  By the time I’m in the line and have my stuff on the conveyer I realize why no one is behind this lady.  She has about 50 individual cans of cat food, a bag of kitty treats and cat litter.  And she’s taking her sweet time getting it onto the conveyer.  So of course when you have a screaming child you get behind the cat lady who is taking f o r e v e r.  Eva cries until she’s red in the face and some strangers come by to distract her.  Eva likes them.  She smiles.  Then she cries again when they leave.  The Wal-Mart employee at the next til keeps shooting glances at us, as if to say “Can you shut that child up?”  It is obvious to me that he has never had a child and because of his glancing I decide that I couldn’t care less whether the crying annoys him.  She cries in the car on the way home while we listen to Comeback Kid, which helps distract me from the crying.  Eva falls asleep in the car and it would seem that all was well, but unfortunately for me I was in fast-motion for the rest of the night.  At least I cooked supper quickly and cleaned up the house! 

Now today I can relax.


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  1. Mom & Grandma Kim

    Some days!!!! Glad you have today to relax! I always enjoy the way you tell you stories. Thanks for sharing.
    Love Mom

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