A Lineage of Mrs. Rs

I have only known Grandma Marge Roberts for about three years.  And though I didn’t see her very often, she has tremendously impacted my life.  Words cannot describe the source of strength she is to her family, her friends, and all who met her.  She was a faithful woman who loved the Lord.  Full of spiritual wisdom, she was a lover of people, loving through giving, through counsel, through fun.  And apparently through a good shaking of the finger. 

It impossible not to respect a woman who has raised up a family and given them a legacy of strong faith.  It is heart-stirring to hear the stories of this family and know that all of these characters have been guided and impacted by one woman at the head of it all.  She truly was clothed with strength and dignity, and faithful instruction was on her tongue.  She opened her arms and extended her hands to anyone in need.  Her husband and her children (and their children) arise and call her blessed. 

I’ve looked up to my mother-in-law since the day I met her, and she also to her mother-in-law, her hero.  They were both Mrs. Rs to many and now I am so lucky to also be of that name. 

The other day as we joked about how crazy we all are, Uncle Blair asked me if I knew what I was getting myself into when I married into this family.  And the truth is, I really didn’t know.  But I am so thankful I did.

As I celebrate the life of Mrs. Marjorie Roberts I am so honoured to know her, to be welcomed into her family, and be a part of history with her. 

I hope I can be just like her.



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7 responses to “A Lineage of Mrs. Rs

  1. Very nice Chelsey.

  2. Betty Close

    Thanks for sharing this with all of us – and welcome to this crazy family.

  3. Keri

    Wow Chels. Thanks for that. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thanks so much and I am so happy and proud to call you my sister and I am so glad you are part of our family.. Thanks for your love chels and who you are.. You are also an amazing mother and friend.. Love you Chels.. have fun with mom:)

  4. Mom & Grandma Kim

    Awesome Chelsey! I’m so grateful you married into the Robert’s Family. I have learned through the Estevan congregation and everyone else that knew her that Marge was everything you wrote about. She will be deeply missed and lovingly remembered!

  5. dad

    Thanks Chelsey that was well said.
    Mom was that and more. She was the first to admit not perfect. But mom reconized the gift God gave her and used it well to help many people mostly effecting her children & grandchildren by her wise words, faith and steadfastness to the end. It is now mine & LaVonne,s & all of our duty to honor mom and remain faithfull to the end through the good & the bad days to set that example for our children & grandchildren & the world on those hard days of marriage and raiseing children and just plain down days that God is faithfull if we will remain the same. We just can,t give up Mom showed us it can be done. Sorry I guess this is for me as much as anyone.
    Chelsey you have enriched our family so much and we are so blessed with 3 wonderfull new daughters for our sons and a wonderfull caring husband for our daughter. Joy we are still praying for yours but no hurry. God is so good Grandma was so proud of all 5 of you & all your choices to serve the lord and in choosing lifetime mates that will help you some day be reunited with her in heaven where there is no tears. Love Dad Roberts

  6. Marilyn Muller

    This is by way of being a request to use what you have said above in our currently being produced issue of Sister Triangle in which we are honouring Marge.

    I look forward to hearing from you….(It was so good to be with you all…!)


  7. Shannon

    Chelsey, I didn’t know Marge well but everything you have said about her I could see and especially in the Roberts family as a whole. She was a very special woman and hopefully her legacy will live on. You are part of a wonderful family and you, Peter and Eva are very special in our eyes too.

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