Attention Wal-Mart Shoppers

Eva and I went to Wal-Mart a few nights ago.  Let me tell you, nothing gives the devil more of a foothold in my life than when I’m at Wal-Mart.  I’m always angry while I’m there and do you want to know why? 

 The traffic.

 It reminds me of the way people drive in Mexico.  Everyone going everywhere, even on the wrong side of the road.  To me, the rules of Wal-Mart walking are the same rules you would use while driving.  One lane is for going one way, the other lane for going the other way.  And if you are off on a side road, slow down and check if there are any people coming by before you just pull out in front of them and cut them off!  I seriously almost yelled at some old ladies “You’re dawdling, you’re dawdling!” 

I dislike going to Wal-Mart so much that I become a totally different person on the inside.  I think you could call it Wal-Mart rage.  And yet I have to go.  Because who can beat those prices?!  Milupa Rice Cereal rolled back to $2.74!  You know how much that costs at Safeway?  $4.99.  I don’t know what else I can say about that.

(ps – new pictures on Flickr)



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3 responses to “Attention Wal-Mart Shoppers

  1. kelli

    thank you for posting more pics! i can’t get over eva’s little rolls. i love them. hope you guys have a great day at camp. love you.

  2. I didn’t know you’d been to Mexico? When? and Where?

  3. james

    Just got to ask yourself, how can these prices be so low, and then you have to think of the kids in China. Loren and I do our grocery shopping at the local store and pay a bit more, but for big things we still must go to wal mart shame on us.

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