Back in the chair

So yesterday I was back at the dentist’s office.  They woke me up the morning asking if I would come in since someone cancelled.  “I would love to” was my response.  Though not really.

I went and I am now convinced that everyone in my dentist’s office refuses to eat because both times I have been there I have heard their stomach’s rumbling as they poke away at my teeth.  First time it was the dentist… this time, the hygienist.  Maybe they really want to keep their teeth clean.

 It is truly a strange experience going to the dentist.  Silver pokeys poking around and between your teeth.  That white suctiony-thingy that always sticks to my cheeks or tongue.  Oh and the polisher!  Talk about a massage for the pearlies.  And let’s not forget the that someone actually went to school to learn how to do these things to you.  I didn’t even bother flossing before this appointment because I knew I couldn’t fool them.  The hygienist brought up my flossing habits again.  She gave me some floss.  I really did intend to start flossing after my last appointment… has a month gone by already!?

Anyway, I am pretty much best friends with the hygienist now.  Her name is Shawna.  She has twin boys and just returned to work from her mat leave.  Becoming a mom puts you into this new club where you get to meet new people and talk about your kids.  Usually you don’t even have to tell the other person your own name.  How old is the baby?  What is her name?  How is she sleeping?  That’s all that really matters in the mom club.

So I left the dentist’s office with throbbing gums and a new hot pink toothbrush.  I felt kind of bad diving into the Pecan Mudslide from DQ last night.  Kind of.  And today I will floss… I promise.



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3 responses to “Back in the chair

  1. Keri

    don’t forget.. you promised to floss chels, hope you remember….. and man, i can’t wait to join the mom club. someday, soon enough;)..

    luv u chels.. hope everything else is going well… give me a ring a ling sometime.. say hi to Eva from auntie and uncle too i guess..:)

  2. Alexi-oh

    hey homie did you floss?

  3. Mom & Grandma Kim

    Too funny, and so true. I got my smile for the day. Thanks Chels.
    P.S. The Grandma Club works the same way

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