Dentist Part III

I can hardly feel my mouth as I sit here now, trying to eat a peanut butter sandwich and drink a glass of milk.  I realize that a peanut butter sandwich isn’t always the easiest to consume in the best of circumstances, but Dr. Fawcett said to eat something soft.  So I thought, why not soft and sticky?  That ought to be good.

Today was the final installment of the 2007 Dentist Experiences.  I had to get three fillings.  It has been about 6 years since I had to get any fillings, and things have changed a little bit.  They have this tarp that they attach to your tooth to keep you from swallowing all the gunk.  They attach it with this metal clamp and then they use floss to bring the tarp between your teeth and I started to imagine that I looked quite hilarious because I was also wearing the super cool sunglasses that they give you.  I really wanted to see what I looked like but I didn’t think that I’d be able to make any sense with all of this hanging out of my mouth, so I waited until the next filling to ask for a mirror and I was right.  It was ridiculous.  Especially since Gwen Stefani was playing in the background. 

Like I said before (or maybe I just thought it) going to the dentist is a truly strange experience.  You are laying flat on your back, your jaw as wide as it can go, a rainjacket on your tooth, a bright light hanging over your head and these two people are sticking their gloved fingers in and around your mouth and also you have about 4 or 5 metal instruments with long electrical cords that whirr and buzz and grind away on your pearly whites.  Or in my case white and silver.

When I got into the car to go home I took a look in the mirror.  My lips looked like I had just had a botox injection!  I laughed most of the way home and it has now been a couple of hours and I’m still able to slap myself across the face and hardly feel it. 

So you can expect not to hear any more dentist stories for a while as I should be finished for at least six months.  Now I’d better get back to my sandwich and milk because I can’t really tell if I’m chewing the sandwich or my face… feels the same to me.

(Oh, and I also heard Dr. Fawcett’s stomach rumbling again today… next time I’m going to bring her a sandwich!)



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3 responses to “Dentist Part III

  1. Alexis

    schelsey, hee hee I keep thinking about the look on your face when you are slapping it…you kooky kid…i imagine you may be saying ‘noaaa’ with a very deep slow voice as your face curve into somewhat of a fish-lip design, fluttering in slo-mo…

    and I would think you would have taken a picture of you with the tarp and glasses on!

  2. James

    Man i hate the Dentist……….so much!!

  3. Hannah yager

    Dentists aren’t strange chels, I hate to break it to you….they are BARBARIC!

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