The Haps

So besides the dentist, here is what else is new:

The sun has been shining!  It is so wonderful :)  Eva and I have been out for many walks and it feels very good.  I’ve been trying to eat healthy and get more exercise and it certainly helps while the sun is out!  Today we walked down to Emily Carr Park and Eva played on the swings for a while.  I wished I had brought my camera.  Every time I don’t have my camera with me Peter says “What kind of photographer are you?”  Well, one who doesn’t want to lug her gigantic camera bag everywhere.  I need to invest in a little point and shoot for more candid moments.  *sigh*  There’s always something isn’t there?

Anyway, Eva has been sleeping a lot better lately thanks to the controversial “cry it out” approach.  And that means that I am sleeping a lot better as well and therefore feeling better too.  Hence the getting more exercise.

Peter was away at camp for two weeks and we missed him immensely.  Now he is back and pretty much all he talks about is bullets and elk.  At night Peter and I both lay awake thinking about shooting things: I with my camera, he with his gun.  We are quite the pair.

Anyway, Eva is getting close to crawling, I’ve been jogging and Peter has been hiking up Mt. Doug with a weighted pack.  You could say that we all are getting a little more slender ;)

We went out for fish and chips last night at Charter’s Restaurant in McMorran’s Beach House.  They were deep-fried deliciousness.  So much for being slender, I guess!

Right now Eva is napping and Peter is at work and my mom just called so I’ll talk to you all later.



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6 responses to “The Haps

  1. Jessie

    Good for you with the exercise thing…it is tough to get going sometimes but it feels so great once you do.
    Lately i have started lane swimming outdoors a bit…it is my new love!

  2. Mom & Grandma Kim

    I just watched Emily Carr’s Biography so I feel like I know her well. Good for you with the exercise Chelsey. We are heading out on the pontoon tonight at Boundary. It will be fun! Talk to you tomorrow!

  3. Mom & Grandma Kim

    I don’t see any new pictures yet. No pressure. LOL

  4. Mom & Grandma Kim

    Wow!! Beautiful pictures Chelsey! Wow!! Thanks!

  5. Ha Ha. Nice one.

    “We both lay awake thinking about shooting.”


  6. Hannah Yager

    I get back August 25! Hows it going?

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