Boi oh boi.

I can already feel my nerves clattering.  My limbs are starting to feel like spaghetti.  And it’s still over 24 hours away.  24 hours until I tell my story about Jesus to everyone and anyone who is at 3460 Shelbourne Street tomorrow at 7PM.  When I think about it, I don’t really feel like telling everyone everything tomorrow.  But I can’t lie to myself and pretend like God hasn’t been poking me with this.  “Speak it sister!”  Poking me right in the side.  It’s happened a few times.  I jump and think “I want to tell EVERYONE how I came to know this Jesus guy… but how?  When?  Where do I start?”.  Then Peter gave me an opportunity and even though I’m feeling like a big bowl of jello I guess I’m just going to do it. 

Right now I’m rereading my story from when I wrote it down when I was in Yellowknife.  It’s really refreshing to remember where you’ve come from.  Also a little bit of a drag.  I just can’t believe who I used to be.  But it’s so encouraging to remember that girl and look at who I am becoming.  Speaking of Yellowknife I dreamed that I was there the other night and all my friends that keep going to Yellowknife were there too and they were all staying at Doug and Cindy’s.  But Doug and Cindy “didn’t have room” for me there and my car had just been stolen.  We were all having such blast together and then Brianne told me I would have to stay with the Hawkin’s while everyone else stayed at the Ashby’s.  The Hawkin’s don’t even live in Yellowknife.  I was very sad.  Thank goodness it was only a dream.

I am listening to the new Weakerthans album and it is very nice. 

Anyway I am home from my trip and let’s just say it has been a crazy week.  I got up at 3AM on Monday morning and the wonderful Kelli drove me to the airport even though it was her first day of work at a brand new job.  I had to bicker with Air Canada for a bit and then I arrived home at 8:30 and I had to babysit at noon.  Babysitting has been going a lot better this week.  Miguel and Eva are teaching each other things, like crawling or jumping up and down in the exersaucer.  They also like to poke each other’s eyes and pull hair.  I hardly had any time to unpack or clean up or even get groceries for the week.  It is hard to believe Peter and I are still alive. 

Though I really didn’t want to, we watched Apocalypto last night and I ended up finding myself very into it.  Great movie.  Not for the faint of heart. 

Final bit of news, I got a Scrubbing Bubbles toilet scrubber.  And it is superb–an exhilerating toilet cleaning experience.  I highly recommend it.

Well, I’d better get back to talking with God about what He wants me to say tomorrow night.  I hope to see you there. 



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3 responses to “Boi oh boi.

  1. Mom & Grandma Kim

    You go girl~!! Wish I could be there to hear you. I’ll be thinking about you.
    Love Mom

  2. kelli

    aw, i wish i could be there. i’ve been checking your blog daily, wondering when you were going to update. and here it is. i’m glad babysitting is going better. sorry i missed your call. let’s chat soon. love you.

  3. CHELSEY!!! The people that live across the street from my mom and dad are the HAWKINS!!! You were just staying across the street. But for the record there will always be room for you okay?

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