almost a month

I will write a blog.

I will write a blog.


So it has been almost a month since I last wrote!  So what should I say now?

I’ll just give a little update to get the ball rolling and then maybe we can go deeper in the next few days.  Hopefully.  Things have been really busy around here (hence, no blogging).  A lot of people have asked me to do their Christmas pictures and it has been a BLAST.  4 photo shoots this past weekend.  Although really I only was able to do three because there was practically a hurricane today.  It was nice to have the break though, because it is the long weekend and I didn’t babysit today so I got to have a nap.  A 2 hour nap.  It was excellent.  I hope tonight I get to have an 8 or 9 hour nap.  That would be nice.  I’ve been staying up way too late lately.  And getting up early.  The time changed and so now Eva goes to bed around 7:30.  It is really nice.  But the flipside is, she gets up around quarter to 7.  I guess I should just be thankful that she sleeps practically 12 hours.  She has a third tooth now.  And a fourth is getting ready to show up.  And on Thursday she said “uh oh”.  She says it all the time now.  If we drop something she says “uh oh”.  Or something “uh uh”.  Or sometimes just does the intonation with “mm mmm” (that last sentence makes sense to me, but I’m not sure who else…)

Anyway, I’ve been doing lots of photography and lots of planning so that I am able to do more photography.  Advertising and whatnot.  I’m looking very forward to it.  And I am doing a wedding in Regina in August!  Yay.  I am definitely excited about it.

It’s about 6 weeks until Christmas which means that my little darling Eva will be one year old.  So I guess I’m going to start planning a little shindig for her.  So cliche, but I really don’t know how a year went by.  It is hard to believe that I have a baby and I have kept her alive all this time.  Do you know what I mean?  I mean I have been in charge of taking care of this little person.  Feeding her and keeping her warm and making sure she doesn’t stick her fingers in electrical sockets or the fire place.  And I can actually do it.  Having this much responsibility over someone can be pretty scary but I love doing things that scare me.  In Grade 12 I took a Grade 10 construction class.  All those saws were pretty daunting.  Not to mention being one of two girls in a class of grade 10 boys.  But I did it.  I used the saws and now I have a super awesome cutting board that I still use. 

Anyway this is all pretty much rambling like a writing exercise where you just write down all of your thoughts as they come without thinking about them and you just keep writingwritingwriting so that you can actually start writing something.  So hopefully the next few blogs will have a little less rambling, a little more substance.




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4 responses to “almost a month

  1. Mom & Grandma Kim

    Good to hear from you! And….you are a wonderful new mommmy Chelsey, doing an amazing job. Miss you all!!

  2. Natalie

    Time flies! I love seeing your flickr additions, they’re quite inspiring.

  3. MAN. What’s the deal with everyone. No one blogs anymore. I try but then it just seems like no one’s out there. Dang Facebook.


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