The gridblog…

is coming soon, I promise.

But for now, it’s reflections on two Christmas romance movies in one night.  Peter has been gone up to Spruston all weekend so that means I can rent whatever movies he hasn’t wanted to watch.  I chose Love Actually, (as recommended by BoRam, my friendspeak reader) Just Friends (filmed in Regina and area, I’ve always wanted to see it just to recognize the familar places: ooh! the Cornwall, I’ve been there!!), and American Splendor, which I didn’t get the chance to watch yet.  The first two filled my evening, but they weren’t anything great, just something to pass the time.

I haven’t been lonely though.  A mosquito has found his way into the warmth of our home and he sat on the wall next to me, watching both movies.  Then he followed me to the kitchen as I went around turning off all the lights.  I stopped to stare at the fire that I built with my very own hands.  Now that I know how to make fires by myself that means I probably will have to start actually doing it.  I’m not sure what the mosquito is doing now, but my guess is he’s stopping to admire the flames as well.

Eva is sleeping peacefully.  The fire is roaring, and I’m going to hide under a pile of blankets with a book and a journal.  Pondering the key to happiness. 

Coming soon.  I promise.

[post script: As I proof-read the blog I happened to see a little black spot flying around from the corner of my eye… the mosquito.]



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2 responses to “The gridblog…

  1. Mom & Grandma Kim

    I’m glad you’re not lonely. Sounds like a nice R&R cozy kind of day Chelsey. We are heading down to Carnduff for little Avry’s first birthday party. I’m probably more excited about it than she is. It will be so nice to see everyone. Missing you…………..

  2. Oh don’t be so bitter….I know their are people out there who are restricted to english….hehehe…I just needed time to translate it. I originally wrote it in Spanish for my class and translating is not the easiest task…but you can go read it in ENGLISH now….hehehe….and by the way I haven’t forgotten about you I’m just starting final exams tomorrow and I will be done on the 13…so we have to hang out …but I’m so busy right now.

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