Weekend Highlights

– hanging out on Friday night with some friends, just me.
– great weather on Saturday for my photo shoot, blue skies, and some new good spots.
– a GREAT spot that I found but was unable to use during the shoot, in the archives of my mind for a future date
– my AlienBee studio light is WORKING despite what we may have previously thought
– sending out the e-vites and facebook event invitations for the Christmas Eva Birthday Bash on Dec. 23
– receiving RSVPs for the Christmas Eva Birthday Bash; I’m getting excited already!
– getting to have a long nap this afternoon
– Eva blowing kisses for the first time
– eggnog (even at 310 calories per 250ml serving!)



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3 responses to “Weekend Highlights

  1. Mom & Grandma Kim

    Sounds like a pretty good weekend. Wish we could be there for the 1st B-Day party but will have to settle with our own in January. It’s all good!

  2. kelli

    :( why am i not there hanging out right now?

  3. Mom and Grandma


    Thanks for sharing! Love the pictures, she is amazing and so are you! Great photos, makes me miss you all so very much! Wishing you were closer, I love you my dear! Give little Eva a big smooch from Grandma, talk to you soon.

    Love, Mom

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