My week… so far.

So last Saturday I did a newborn photo shoot for my friends Colin & Lindsey.  Their new baby Rosalee is so tiny!  I was so excited to take pictures of her that I couldn’t sleep for two days.  Last Thursday I was up until 2:45 and then on Friday I was up until 3:30.  Part of Friday was due to Eva’s crazy lack of sleep from 1 AM to 3 AM, but still.  So Saturday I did their pictures, and I was there for about 4 hours.  (you can see the outcome at Then home, eating, feed Eva, put Eva to bed, then go meet with my friend from Korea to do our Friend Speak.  Then eat.  Then sleep.

Sunday morning I was with my family in the Spirit and then Sunday afternoon we had a lunch meeting about our monthly second service called Restless.  This meeting involved Mexican Stack, discussion and prayer, Settlers of Catan and brownies and ended up lasting until about 5 o’clock. 

Monday, mothering, processing photos and babysitting.  Meanwhile trying to plan for Eva’s birthday party.

Tuesday, mothering, processing photos and babysitting and designing birth announcements (so fun!).  Heading to Lens & Shutter to check out seamless paper and get my flash checked out.  Also planning for Eva’s party.

Wednesday, babysitting from 8AM to 2:30PM, mothering, finishing birth announcements.  Had to go to Bell Mobility to figure out cell phone stuff.  Also Wal-Mart, to buy stuff for Eva’s party.  Baked thumbprint cookies in the morning for the party and blonde brownies for Colin & Lindsey when we got home from shopping.  Delivered the meal to C&L with Mary.  Put Eva to bed.  Now here.  About to bake some more cookies for Eva’s party.

Tomorrow will be Moms & Tots.  Mothering.  Babysitting.  More baking.  DVD slideshow making.  Photoshoot location scouting.  Perhaps another trip to Lens & Shutter to pick up seamless paper.  There is 80% chance of rain for Saturday and I have two outdoor photoshoots booked.  After those shoots I’ll be getting the finishing touches for Eva’s party and then heading to Kirk & Vivian’s for a party for her boys who were all born in December. 

Then we’re back at Sunday again, brunch before church, church, rushing to get Eva to nap before her party, then her party.  Then Christmas Eve, Christmas Day/Birthday, Boxing Day, then a photoshoot on the 27th, rehersal on the 28th, wedding I’m shooting on the 29th, meeting with clients on the 30th.  Then New Year’s Eve, then Joy comes (yay!!). 

I’m tired. 

But excited for Joy to come visit!

Okay, I’m sorry this was so long.  It feels good to get it all out.



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3 responses to “My week… so far.

  1. Mom & Grandma Kim

    you are a very busy young lady! Your photography is amazing!

  2. Mom & Grandma Kim

    So wish that we could be there for Eva’s actual birthday party. It’s going to be so much fun! But……I’m very excited about seeing everyone in January!

  3. Dear Friends,
    We’re thinking about you (not only)on this Christmas time. Wishing you blessed Holiday! Love You!

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