Keeping on…

Everything is still feeling a little crazy around here, with a photo session tomorrow and the wedding this weekend, all right after Christmas, birthday party, etc. etc.  But we are alive, well, and thankful.  Eva’s birthday party was a blast and I was so glad that so many people could make it!  There were about 30 people there.  She was completely and utterly spoiled.  We are so lucky to be surrounded by so many people who love her.  Even better would be to have those people, AND her family that love her even more!  Eva liked opening presents, although she wasn’t totally sure of how to do it.  When it came time to eat cake, she wanted no part of it.  We tried to show her, but she didn’t even want the cake on her tray.  I haven’t uploaded the pictures to Flickr yet, so you can go here to see them.

Yesterday was a lot of fun as well!  Eva woke up around 6AM and we opened our stockings with “It’s a Wonderful Life” on in the background.  Eva liked the Oreo cookie that was in her stocking!  We had breakfast together and opened some presents and by this time Eva had got the hang of present opening, so she had a lot of fun.  Then we packed everything up and went over to Kirk & Vivian’s for more present opening and more breakfast.  We spent the whole day there, opening gifts, playing games, eating, watching movies, eating, laughing… and Eva started walking!  She took five steps and walked before she was “officially” 12 months old (which occured at 10:32pm).  THEN she also said Grandpa, and then we even got her to say Grandma!  So now her vocab includes: mama, dada, uh-oh, Dora, Grandpa, and Grandma.  And I even think she says “dog” though Peter isn’t completely convinced.  Click here to see pictures.

Anyway, it’s late and there is still much to do.  So I will talk to you all later!


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  1. btotherock

    hey cheapskate. miss you guys lots. just letting you know i’m back online and kicking it old school. look forward to keeping in touch more. peace.

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