Alright, so I haven’t exactly been like Jason Bandura, writing a blog a day.  But maybe someday.

I just came to give a quick update on what’s been going on in our lives lately.

My mom and Randy came on January 16th and we had a lovely time with both of them.  It was so great to see Eva bonding with both her Grandma and her Grandpa, and of course, it was wonderful for us to have some time with them as well.  Randy had to leave after a week, but my mom stayed and helped out a TON while we prepared and stressed over the preparations for the Bridal Exhibition

We hosted a 10×10 booth at the Bridal Exhibition yesterday and met plenty of brides and grooms, bridesmaids, and family.  It was a great day for exposure and we were able to meet a couple of cool photographers as well.  Hopefully we will have pictures of our booth up soon. 

Mom had to catch a plane this morning and is now spending the night in Edmonton due to the terrible weather in Regina right now!  Sorry, mom, hope you get home safely!

It is really hard to believe that she just left this morning, as we had such a busy day.  We were shopping at Superstore and Costco this morning, then the boy I babysit came and while he and Eva napped, I cleaned, ate lunch, did laundry. 

I’m still wiped from the Exhibition.  We should have pictures up soon, and updates to our website soon as well.

Now I have to play catch-up with all the editing from wedding/photo sessions that I have put off before my upcoming sessions.  As well, making plans for new album choices and other website updates!

Oh, and Eva is doing well, despite a nasty diaper rash that has been quite painful.  Poor gal.  Of course, she also misses her Grandma & Grandpa.



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3 responses to “Monday

  1. kelli

    yeesh. finally an update. i’ve been checking daily (honestly, why do i not email you to see how you’re doing??). i’m glad you’re doing well and keeping busy. now that all your company is gone can we have a phone date? sometime this week in the early evening? lemme know. love love love.

  2. Keri-Lyn

    Hey Chels, just wanted to say amazing website, I loved checking out your photos and I am so glad everything is going well. Sounds like you are extremely busy, but that’s great..! We miss you and Pete and Eva lots and can’t wait to see you again, hopefully someday soon.!! Take care. luv you Chels, and I am really really proud of you..

  3. Mom & Grandma Kim

    We miss her to! Missing you and Pete as well! So proud and happy for you that the Bridal Fair was such a success. I knew it would be!

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