Valentine’s Day

So, Peter and I have been together now for 5 years.  The anniversary is February 13th.  Pretty easy to remember.  He brought me tulips (I love tulips!) and a 2 litre bottle of Coke (I had been wanting some).  We’ve always been kind of anti-Valentine’s Day.  Not so much the day, but the commercialism.  It’s Valentine’s Day, so you must buy chocolates.  Or flowers.  Or over-priced cards.  I’d say pretty much all of our friends here in Victoria are pretty unimpressed by our anti-Valentine-ism.  Everyone was taking a turn at our young marrieds group talking about what traditions they have for Valentine’s Day.  Peter was the last one to share.  He said it put quite the damper on things.  I shared it today at playgroup and no one commented, they just moved right along sharing their traditions.

As I hear their traditions, I see something a tad negative with our approach to the big day of V.  None of their traditions revolved around cheesy valentine’s cards or the pressure to buy chocolates that would be on sale the next day.  It was all about being together, doing something special, whether it’s supper at home or going out to do something fun.  I kind of like that.  Next year will be the year. 

 (Although I am suddenly recalling our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple.  We wanted to camp so we set up the tent in the living room and Peter (probably against his own will) rented “The Notebook” (although I bet that truthfully he really wanted to see it)). 



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2 responses to “Valentine’s Day

  1. Mom & Grandma Kim

    I bet he did too. (Not!)
    I love that movie!
    I have to go look at the pictures you posted because I can see you have some new ones of our sweet girl. Thanks!!

  2. Lisa and I are the same way, we like the idea of sharing the day together but dispise the idea of being forced to purchase anything because other people think we should. Commercialism is feeding the urge to buy to feel happy. I know many people have their traditions and love to give gifts and I think that is great, as long as they do not feel pressured into it because everyone else at the office is buying a gift. The best gifts in the world really do not cost anything.
    A few thoughts on another holiday that is more about buying than loving.

    Pete loves chick flicks always has.

    Take care and thinking about you guys,
    Love the Jones’

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