I have a minute…

I hate to sound like a broken record, but here I am again, it’s been a while, sorry for the lack of blogs.  I just don’t have time for blogging these days.  Truthfully, I don’t have time for much.  Anyone who has children knows how children alone are very time-consuming, and when you mix in two jobs and some kind of quote/unquote life…

Now if I’m getting really honest, I think I’m starting to break down a bit.  I’m kind of starting to lose it.  I’m getting sucked under.  I feel like I can’t breathe.  All day long, it’s pretty much about Eva.  And now she’s started waking in the night again for a few hours at a time.  I take care of a little boy the same age as Eva in the afternoons and one full day a week.  On the weekends I’m doing two, sometimes three photoshoots.  So during naptime and at bedtime, I’m on the computer, editing, because that’s the only time I have to do it.  Pretty much everything else gets done after that, if there’s time.  I haven’t cleaned my bathroom in two months.  Gross, I know.  But it hasn’t really been a top priority, despite the growing ring around the bathtub.  Okay, maybe I’ll get to it today. 

Anyway, I don’t want to give this big sob story, woe is me, me and my busy life.  I just want you to know where I’m at and how I’m feeling so you can pray for me and maybe you can tell me what to do to make it a little easier.  I just keep wondering how other people do it.  And other people have two, three, four, five kids.  Plus all this other stuff.  I’m only twenty-three and I’m tired.  I still have a lot of life left, so I know I need to make some changes to make it all a little more manageable.



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5 responses to “I have a minute…

  1. how about quitting babysitting? not to sound like it’s that easy, but sometimes i think we hold onto the very things that destroy us because we think we need them. yet, when we let go of them and believe that God will provide, it is then that peace will come. or so i think. i know that is kind of vague and it will look different for people in different situations.

    for me, i didn’t listen to this advice. i continued to work three jobs with crazy hours and missed out on my baby girl and time with my wife. yet God still provided me a way out without hurting my family. God always provides. cliche, but the reason it is cliche is because of the truth that is found in it. i think if more christians were willing to actually listen to God and step out on that limb to trust him more, it would change our entire world…

    no pressure or anything. ha…you go first and i’ll follow?

  2. Trista

    take care of yourself chelsey. we’re only here for a short time and its important to remember to enjoy it!

  3. Mom & Grandma Kim

    We had such a good talk about all this today Chelsey that I don’t need to respond but….please take care of you! You will always be in my prayers. I love you! I understand what Blair is saying.

  4. Keri-Lyn

    Hey Chels. Hang in there, just continue to keep God involved in your life. Pray if you’re stressed, pray if you’re tired, pray for strength, and I will be praying for the same thing for you. I love you and you are an amazing mother and person, and I don’t want you going crazy, I love you and take care of yourself.. XO

  5. Tasha

    Hi Chels,
    This is the first time I have left a message but I am an avid reader! Your blog hit home with me so I thought I would respond! I absolutely love being at home with my kids but sometimes it does become overwhelming. SO…here are some possibly silly, but practical things that work for me…
    – buy a plastic see-through shower curtain. I put Annika/Amery in the exersaucer in our bathroom and have my ‘needed’ shower. They can see me and I can see them! Great!
    – not sure if you work off a laptop or not – but they have these tot-cafe’s down here…you take your child and pay about $2 and let them play in the play area with other children and outside the play area mom’s drink coffee and visit. (You might be able to get some editing work done there!)
    – Lastly,…bedtime! I realize all kids are different, but for us we try not to let them nap after 5. Naps are at 10 and 2 so that bedtime is a 7-8 or so. This was huge in giving Kris and I time together in the evening and just ‘time’ to be adults and do our own things!

    Hope this was of some help! Take Care – you are a wonderful mom!

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