Acceptance Speech

I missed the Oscars on Sunday night, but thankfully one of my favourite photographers put this clip of Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova accepting Oscars for the song “Falling Slowly” in the movie “Once” on her blog.  I watched that movie last weekend and it instantly became a favourite.  I know that many of you have seen it too and also love it.

Their speeches are were pretty inspiring, so here’s the clip, in case you missed it too! 

 If you want to see a clip from the movie that shows the song that won it for them, it’s here.

I was so happy to see them win because of how the movie was made, and they are “regular” people just like you or I.   

Other inspiration, I cleaned the bathroom today and it looks awesome.  I think my biceps are bigger after all that scrubbing.  The last few days I have spent time with friends, new and old, and it has been very nice.  I feel a little more on top of things and like I have less pressure on my shoulders, thanks to my sweet, caring husband who helps me work out my struggles.  I tried a London Fog.  It was a little strange at first, but I grew to love it.  Kamara, let’s have them when we are together next. 

A final note, I have started giving Eva a little soft teddy bear to hold while we read stories before nap/bed.  She has always given it a big hug and patted its back, but after that it was tossed to the floor.  Tonight, however, she fell asleep snuggling it.  She’s in her room now, holding onto it and sleeping.  It’s adorable.



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3 responses to “Acceptance Speech

  1. kamara

    ok deal. ok. love you miss you, kiss your baby for me.

  2. Mom & Grandma Kim

    I did watch the Oscars and I sat up and paid attention when they mentioned the movie “Once” because you had just told me you had watched it! I’m so glad they won for their song “Falling Slowly” and now I want to watch the movie even more than I did before.
    I think that’s adorable that Eva is sleeping with her comfortable teddy. It’s just so sweet. Avry sleeps with a little puppy. Oh, these two little girls are heartbreakers.

  3. marilyn

    Okay, curosity has gotten the best of me… what’s a London Fog??? And when you have time and need a work out… my bathroom could use some attention too!! hahaha, just kidding but if it meant I would get to see you and that adorable little girl of yours… I’d go for it! Keep posting those pictures, I love watching her grow-up even from a distance!
    Love Auntie Marilyn

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