Yesterday afternoon… in photos…

12.jpg21.jpg310.jpg It’s lunch time!  Leftover costco pizza and a gingerale.

41.jpg Me.

51.jpg What I’m listening to…

61.jpg Collection I notice.

71.jpg My favourite. 

81.jpg Watching HGTV while eating.  Addiction since we bought our house.

101.jpg Feeding the child.

111.jpg and looking through ikea!



18.jpg19.jpg Lunch time photo shoot.

211.jpg After naptime they beg me to go outside.  We do, but it only lasts about 5 minutes.  Eva desperately wants to go to the farm and can’t keep herself off the path even though I told her (many times might I add!) that we can’t go right now!  So we come inside.

22.jpg After Miguel leaves, we are invited on another walk, so we go up to the driveway to wait. 


30.jpg29.jpg Eva loves walking around by herself!

28.jpg “Can you come out to play?”

25.jpg 26.jpg 27.jpg We walk to Pharmasave.

23.jpg I pick up a tall skinny vanilla latte for the trip home.

24.jpg and then kick up my feet and watch a bit of Ellen.

40.jpg The next thing I know, daddy’s home!

39.jpg Chillin, while supper cooks.

38.jpg Eva’s new trick!

37.jpg The remains of my supper… and Eva’s!  She likes it when it comes off of my plate!

36.jpg Eating her corn, from her own plate.

35.jpg Time for bed!

34.jpg The bear she snuggles.

Thanks for reading! 

It was a lot of fun to document my whole day, so I’m sure that I’ll do it again soon :)


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One response to “Yesterday afternoon… in photos…

  1. marilyn

    Thank-you Chelsey for sharing your day with me! What neat idea! You’ve taken any ordinary day and made it special. Eva is such a darling!

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