I’m here, planning for a newborn session that I have this afternoon.  Eva’s napping and I have a belly full of Noodle Box.  It is our Sunday afternoon tradition.  After church, call Noodle Box and place an order.  It will be ready by 12:05.  Drive down Cook street, always looking for vibrant walls for sessions, point out to Peter where Marnie lives, go down to Dallas Road and turn right.  Eva might be sleeping by this time.  Today it wasn’t the case.  Twist and turn through the streets until Government.  Go past The Empress, past Roger’s chocolates, turn right anywhere until you are back at Douglas.  Stop right before the bus stop by Noodle Box.  I run in, pay, pick up the order and the wooden forks that Noodle Box offers if you aren’t pro with the chopsticks (hey, the forks are awesome!) and we are on the road home, all the way up Douglas, making the appropriate turns until we reach home.  Eva fell asleep during this leg of the trip.  Once home, we are feasting while maybe watching HGTV or golf, Eva in her crib napping. 

Golf on a Sunday makes me want to have a nap.  It’s the hushed commentary and gentle sound made when the club connects with the ball.  Let’s not forget the soft clapping.  It’s just so soothing, especially when you have a full belly and a warm blanket.



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3 responses to “Sundays

  1. Mom & Grandma Kim

    So true about the napping to golf. Randy’s watching it right now and I’m feeling sleepy. Noodle box is wonderful, a very good tradition to have!

  2. Dan has become totally addicted to noodle box. Its soo yummy. We love to eat there on our Saturdays. We spend most of the day downtown checking out our fav stores.

  3. Joylyn

    noodle box….mmm…golf not so much…PETE golf sucks. haha i miss you guys..and noodle box

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