Deceptively Delicious

Just an information post:

For all the moms (and dads) out there whose children refuse to eat vegetables or fruit, I bought the cookbook Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld.  It has a bunch of recipes where you sneak pureed vegetables or fruit into foods that your kids love.  I don’t follow the recipes exactly, I alter them to be less fancy (who needs 2 large eggs, 4 egg whites and sour cream plus the cauliflower puree for scrambled eggs?  I just do one egg and one ice cube sized portion of cauliflower), and I alter the serving size because the only reason I’m doing this stuff is for Eva.  I know I need my vegetables and fruit and I eat them.  But she refuses!  Also, Eva has a dairy sensitivity so I have to work around that too.

Anyway, so far I have added cauliflower to scrambled eggs and yams (or sweet potatoes) to pancakes.  Eva loves both and she didn’t even notice the addition!  I ate the pancakes and they even made me feel better about eating them.  Even Peter liked them and he doesn’t really even like pancakes!

One of the most shocking recipes is brownies with spinach in it!  I haven’t tried it yet, and apparently you can’t even taste the spinach, but we’ll see.  The picture sure makes it look good!

Anyway, this post is just for passing on info, so if anyone has any recommendations for a cut up fruit/veggie hater (she’ll eat most fruit if it is pureed, and sometimes vegetables too), or for a kid who can’t have any dairy, let me know!

 – C.


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