A can of coke actually has 48g of sugar as opposed to the 28g I mentioned earlier!

All the more reason to stop drinking it.

I have not drank it since I started my campaign. I have been doing well with avoiding sugar and only eating sweets once a week. Not so well with the fresh vegetables and water. But I have kept up the jogging twice a week, even though I fight it. I do what I can with the walking. I have been keeping up with my praying, reading, meditating. Although I still feel lost when it comes to meditation. Anyway, I’m not sure how everything is going to go this week since we’re moving and I’m drowning in boxes.

Boxes really are hard to come by these days. I went to several grocery stores, Tim Horton’s, and other dumpsters and… nada. I found a gem of a dumpster behind Ten Thousand Villages. Pharmasave puts their cardboard in there too and there were plenty to choose from. As I was bending over the edge of the dumpster my keys fell in. So I had to go in after them. There’s only cardboard in there so it wasn’t that bad, though I’m sure I raised a few eyebrows. The hardest part was getting out. I have bruises on my legs!

Anyway, we get the keys to our very first house TOMORROW. We will move some stuff on Thursday and then the big move is on Friday!



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6 responses to “Correction

  1. Jessie

    sweet story.
    good thing it wasn’t a garbage bin!
    congrats on the house!
    i had to go browsing through your old blogs the other day to find the photos of it.
    that is really exciting!
    i am planning on entering a half marathon with my good friend annalisa in victoria.
    it is in october.
    partially because i want to have the exhilarating feeling of finishing one.
    but mostly because i want an excuse to come visit.
    what do you think?
    i am going to register pretty soon so that i have to force my butt into training.

  2. kelli

    good luck with the packing.
    i will miss you while you are internetless and phoneless.
    did you pick a mantra for meditation? i went with ‘be still and know’. it helps.
    love you.

  3. Kamara

    Chels. I’m moving too – on May 10. To ONTARIO.

    We’re going to be so far apart.

  4. mom from Regina

    I wish I was there to help Chels! Glad your plans are working out with the discipline! Hang in there! Joy started running this week too. I haven’t got there yet. I will be thinking of you guys on Friday, how exciting! Love you so! Mom in Regina!

  5. Shantala

    Yay for you and your new little house! I forgot to mention that Dan and I have bought a townhouse! woohoo. its a 3bed 3bath on east saanich road. Its move in ready. We get our keys on may 30. We are both soooo excited. We haven’t started packing yet… but soon enough we will be swimming in boxes too! Good luck with the moving!

  6. Mom & Grandma Kim

    What am I going to do not being able to talk to you or see new pictures on facebook???? It’s been so wonderful talking with you just whenever we want, or mostly whenever we want (working does cut in on our time). I’ll be dealing with Chelsey withdrawal……
    The best to you and Pete with the move. I hope you have lots of help and that it can be mostly a fun move. Wish we could be their to help and be a part of the memory. Take good care Sweetie and I’ll be missing you!!!!!!

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