A quick one…

I just wanted to write another quick update.  I made it safely to and from Vancouver, all by myself.  It was a blast.  The weather was amazingly hot, the wedding party was stunning and what can I say, Vancouver is a beautiful city.  I don’t really love driving downtown, but I can’t wait to go back!

I have been pretty exhausted since the weekend.  I was up late having a girls night after the wedding, and then up late the next two nights.  Really late, actually.  Normal late for a mother of a toddler is like 11:30.  I was up until 2:30-3:00 Saturday night, and then 1:30 on both Sunday and Monday night. 

I bought a new belt, which is important.  Many of you may know the cowboy Kerry belt that I have worn for years.  It has a horseshoe belt buckle with a big blue stone on it, and KERRY engraved into the leather on the back.  It was not my father-in-laws, who’s name is also Kerry, it was a Value Village find and has served me well.  But it just doesn’t really go with anything I wear these days.  Just not that hardcore anymore.  So, I hope everyone can welcome my new plain jane belt.

Spanish is coming along well.   I am impressing my Spanish-speaking friends.

Another wedding this weekend and then I’ll be wedding’d out until July when it will start all over again, but even crazier, 3 weddings in a row and then 2 in August.  I can’t wait for August because I get to go out to Saskatchewan and love on everyone.

And I should mention that I love my husband and I am so glad we have each other. 

Oh, by the way, I’ve completely fallen off the wagon with my whole Healthy Body, Mind & Spirit Campaign.  What happened to all of you keeping me accountable?!  I blame you, the move, and the weddings.  But mostly the move and a little bit me.  I’ve been awful.  Now I have to start over.


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One response to “A quick one…

  1. kelli

    i am glad you had a good weekend. and that you got a new belt. and i am also very excited for the august wedding so i can love on you and your family.
    and in the words of the late aaliyah
    “if at first you don’t succeed
    dust yourself off
    and try again
    you can dust it off
    and try again,try
    go for a jog! you can do it! three cheers for chels! hip hip hurray!
    love you.

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