We are back from our little vacation.  Technically I am still on vacation… but I am at home relaxing.  Trying to relax.  Something like that.

Anyway, what an amazing time!  What an amazing family.  The family reunion was held at this rustic little bible camp near Cherryville, BC which is south (I think!) of Vernon.  It seemed like we’d never get there!  Eva did pretty good though.  She loved the ferry.  It was her first time on the ferry where she understood what was happening.  She kept saying “boaT”, with a lot of emphasis on the T.  Cute.  It was scorching hot, I heard somewhere around 35 degrees on Saturday?  Last year at this very same time, when we were in Salmon Arm it reached 37 or 38 degrees.  Something about Canada Day weekend!

It was just so great to spend time with family and connect again.  It was awesome to see Eva with all of her cousins, having a blast.  I loved finally being able to meet Miss Bella Gracie, our latest neice.  Her name suits her, she is so beautiful!  I didn’t like getting sunblock in Eva’s eyes, but she survived it.  We drove into Vernon to meet up with our friends Kori & Lisa before they left for Sydney, Australia for 3 or maybe more years.  That was a treat, for sure.

It seemed the reunion ended just as it was beginning, and before we knew it, we were on the road with Mark and Melissa and kids, trying to find some campsite near Nakusp.  We found the best one!  McDonald Creek Campsite.  We recommend it to anyone.  What a beautiful area, thick with trees and mountains all around.  The lake was so great, nice sand, and very refreshing.  The kids loved playing in the sand and the water, and Eva is now officially an outdoor girl.  She loved living outside for 5 or 6 days!  At first she was pretty scared of the water, but I gradually brought her in and before I knew it she was walking in all by herself!  She loved it.  She played so hard all day and then would suddenly crash and have a good nap in her stroller on the beach.  We all piled into Mark & Melissa’s expedition and drove into Nakusp and had a nice walk along the marina there.  We were pretty sad to say goodbye to Melissa, Mark, Kiara and Kori, and we left shortly after them.  Eva did so well travelling on the way home!  We were so proud of her.

So now we are home and just trying to take it easy a bit before things get crazy with weddings and portraits and everything else.  I spent a bit of time mourning because once again we are away from our family, but it’s all good now.  I’m coming to Saskatchewan in August, so that’s not very far away!!

We went to Willows Beach this morning and it was freezing!  My feet are still trying to warm up.  I guess it was about 17 degrees, but it’s always colder by the ocean so I think the seabreeze made it a bit colder than that!  I heard it was warm here while we were gone… but I hope it comes back!


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  1. Mom & Grandma Kim

    yay!!!coming home in August! Looking so forward to that!

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