It’s August!?  How did that happen?  July seriously snuck in and out on me.  I have the feeling that August and September are planning to do the same, which is a bit sad for me because I feel like I’m going to be too busy to even enjoy my last couple of months in Victoria.

Anyway, now that it is August, that means that my brithday is coming up in about 6 weeks.  I like birthdays.  Especially mine.  I am a birthday week kind of girl.

Here is my birthday wish-list:

– sewing machine
– a new pair of vans slip-ons (have you seen my 5-year old pair!? they’ve been all over the world!)
camera strap (although i think i could probably make my own, so maybe just some funky ribbon to go with my sewing machine?)
klean kanteen water bottle
– a shootsac — and if you are feeling REALLY generous — a shootsac cover to match my camera strap (PS – jessica claire sends out a little birthday discount so just lemme know if you’re serious :) )

Of course I’m not actually putting this out there seriously, but I just thought I’d share my latest wish list.  Please note that this wish-list does not include my latest camera equipment wishes, which has totalled approximately $5,000 in lenses alone!  Expensive “hobby” I’d say.  I think I’ll be wishing for quite a while.

Anyway, my life as of lately can be summed up like this: editing while watching 2 sesasons of Laguna Beach and i’m now into the second season of The Hills.  I am thankful for mtv.ca, it helps pass the editing time.

How could I forget to mention this little birthday detail?  Kelli’s birthday is on the 1st and mine’s the 14th and since I’m going to be in good ole Regina for Kelli’s birthday, we decided to make it a joint birthday party.  We are going to make lanterns and have a “possibly” semi-formal birthday event in the park.  I think it will be great.  You are invited.

PS – i wear a women’s shoe size 9.


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