home from the holidays

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I’m home now from Saskatchewan. I had an amazing time. I love my family so much (that includes Peter’s family… they are mine too!). Honourable mentions: another road trip with my Grandma, the puppies at Grandpa Kent’s, laughing and screaming with Great Grandma Irene and Grandma Kim, chick flicks with my mom and so many great talks, Eva & Avry dancing, Mike & Kim, Grandpa Randy & Eva sharing chips and fresca, teasing Joylyn, LaVonne’s pancakes, Eva with her Grandma and Grandpa Roberts, seeing the Weyburn crew, Blair, Melissa and the big green -S- machine, shooting Becky and Bryan’s wedding with Jessie, Tara McMillan’s smile, the double birthday party with Kelli, Nickie showing up to the bday party with such touching gifts, neices and nephews a plenty, Keri-Lyn & Alvaro (need I say more!?), good chat with Mark, Atlantis coffee with Kelli, and finally… a 9:50AM flight instead of my usual 6AM!

And of course I loved being in the flat, dry, patchwork that is the prairies. I always will!

I was greeted at the airport by a dozen red roses and one single pink one for Eva with some tall hunk somewhere in behind them. I guess he missed us. Eva loves hers and whenever she sees it she points and says “Eva’s”. Even seeing the picture of it here on the blog she pointed and said “Eva’s”. It is so special because she knows it is her very own. (more pics of the flowers on flickr).

Tomorrow my hubby is leaving again to go hunting, this time in the Kootenays. After all of my teasing about him not getting anything when he hunts I guess I should mention that he and Josh got a black bear while they were hunting near Tumbler Ridge, BC. I had never had bear before but this one sure is tasty. Compliments the hamburger helper and spagehetti sauce quite nicely ;)

And today was our last Sunday together at the Shelbourne St. Church of Christ. As I said, Peter leaves tomorrow to go hunting, and he is going straight to Calgary from the mountains. I’m not sure if that’s a good idea! I have a wedding this Saturday and then will fly to Calgary for church Sunday morning and that will be our first Sunday there as a family. I will be there for the week and we will look for a place to rent, as we have decided to keep our house here and rent it out to some lucky person. We have had a really good response and should know very soon just who the lucky person will be.

I suggested that we should have a reality TV contest for who gets to live in our house. The prospective renters are the contestants and they come through and have to prove to us why they should be the renters here. Then there are some shots of us deliberating and judging, ultimately resulting in one lucky person getting to pay the majority of our mortgage for us.

Sounds good to me.

Anyway, I will be in Calgary for the week until the 22nd, whereupon my lovely mother will meet me in Calgz and then we will fly together to Victoria to pack the house and clean the house and walk to Tim Horton’s every morning, noon, and late afternoon. Pete will be coming back for us sometime shortly before the end of the month. Then we will officially be in Calgary, though I will go back and forth until the end of November for some weddings.

I intended this to only be about the roses, but obviously, I digress. I hope to make a full return to the blog world, and this is just a taste of what’s to come!



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4 responses to “home from the holidays

  1. kelli

    hurray for a new (long) post. keep em comin.

  2. Mom & Grandma Kim

    Hello my lovely daughter! We all had such a good time while you and miss Eva were home. Lots of great memories were made! Loved your blog. Absolutely love the picture of Eva!! Looking forward to the 22nd when I can meet you in Calgary. It will be a busy but fun week. I think the 3 of us might get a little silly from all the cleaning and packing and have some crazy fun. I predict laughter, tears and maybe even a little screaming. ….
    PS. The wedding pictures are fabulous!
    Talk to you very soon!

  3. It sounds like you had a blast back in the prairies! I am glad that you will be with us for a little longer! Let me know if you need any help finding boxes… or packing :)


  4. jessie

    oh man.

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