I feel almost ready to break down.

Things are a bit hectic to say the least. I just have some packing left to do for the week in Calgary. I leave tomorrow morning. I basically get off the plane and go right to church to meet a lot of people. I’m not sure what’s in store for the rest of the week, but we will be house-hunting for sure. I am looking forward to having that dealt with.

I have a wedding tonight. It is so wierd to me because my whole day has not been focused on the wedding, it’s been about everything else going on around me! This couple didn’t have a rehearsal either, so that makes it feel a lot less like I’m going to shoot a wedding tonight. It’s kinda going to be a bit stressful because we are shooting in the penthouse of this hotel and all the guests will be there while we are shooting. So we’ll see what happens.

I am so tired from all this running around and shooting and single-parenting and trying to have everything ready that I just can’t wait until I am on that plane. Then I can sit for an hour.

Anyway, I don’t have a lot of time, laundry to fold and put into a duffle bag, memory cards to erase and pictures to plan. I probably won’t post until I get back from Calgary, with my mom. Can’t wait to spend the week with you mom!

Oh yeah, I got a haircut!

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4 responses to “Weekender.

  1. kelli

    i love it! i hope your time in calgary goes smoothly. get in lots of people meeting and househunting and hangouts. i can’t wait for you to be closer! xo

  2. Jill

    your hair looks great! i hope that things get a little less crazy for you soon – and that you can just relax for a little bit! enjoy your week in calgary!

  3. Mom & Grandma Kim

    i love the hair too chelsey! Very cute!!
    i feel for you and i can’t imagine how difficult it must be juggling and doing all that must be done, especially with a little one. you are one in a million!
    i’m looking forward to our time together too, (except the driving through the mountains part!), but excited to have this week with you and little eva.
    Please take good care. Enjoy Calgary. Sure hope you find a place to hang your hats this week!
    Happy, happy birthday again….
    Sending all my love, Mom XOX

  4. jessie

    i feel for ya girl.
    i was so tired at the end of my week that i slept for 15 hour straight after my saturday wedding.
    why do we do this to ourselves?
    i’m making a vow that as soon as i’m done this wedding business (ok, so that won’t be til christmas), i’m turning over a new leaf. life is too short to be this busy and to resent what should be bringing us joy.
    i hope you can feel settled in calgary even if it is only for a short while.
    your fam is in my thoughts.

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