I flew into Calgary on Sunday morning on an 8AM flight.  I sat next to a wonderful British lady, from Manchester.  We talked about all sorts of things and are basically best friends now.  I even asked her if she’s familiar with a place called Alderley Edge.  There is an MTV show based on rich teens that live there, and I wanted to make sure that the story checked out.  Story checks out.

I was greeted by the lovely Joy, my sister-in-law, at the airport, with a greeting from Mom & Dad Roberts shortly thereafter.  French Vanilla Cappuccino and a muffin too.  We got in the car and headed to church.  It wasn’t long after I got there that Pete and I were standing up at the front, being introduced to the many many people of the Calgary CofC.  Eva was on the stage for a minute but she was quite grumpy and had to go be with Grandpa.  The church sang happy birthday to me! 

There was a parents meeting following church and then we visited with the Roberts/Peterson family that was there until they had to head back.  We had a family nap, but Pete had to leave early to go bowling with the youth.  I missed bowling but went for supper and games.  Eva had fun running around. 

Yesterday was fairly unproductive, but I did locate an Ikea, and Peter got his skates sharpened.  We tried to contact some people about houses, but they didn’t contact us back.  One person did and we are going to view the house tonight.  We had supper with the Aasens, which was very lovely.  What a nice family!  Eva loved their toys, so I think they will forever be in her heart.  She was playing with a bunch of di-so-sores (dinosaurs) and she found something like a swordfish or some kind of shark or something and she announces “DOLPHIN!”. 

I don’t know how she knew that.  But she knew.  Also, on the airplane and again last night, Eva was drawing and she drew a circle and then announced it.  “ROUND!”  Circles are called rounds.  Isn’t she fantastic?

Tonight we are having supper with Kelly & Robin, for those who don’t know them, Kelly is the lead minister, or senior minister, or preaching minister, or pulpit minister, or whichever of those that you want to call it.  Robin is his wonderfully supportive wife, as most ministers wives are.  ;)

Peter has gone into the office this morning and Eva and I are here watching the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.  It is Eva’s first time.  I’ve seen it many, many times and love it.  Piglet just gave Eeyore his house because he didn’t have one, and Piglet was very sad but he gave it to him anyway.  This all happened in the middle of Pooh’s Hero Party for saving Piglet.  So Pooh told Piglet that he would come live with Pooh, and then asked Christopher Robin if it could be a “Two Hero” party.  Very touching moment.



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2 responses to “calgary

  1. i love that winnie the pooh. i wish makena still liked it. i have the whole show memorized. piglet is so noble. you and your mtv reality tv shows…i don’t even know you anymore chels.

  2. Mom & Grandma Kim

    Yes, that Eva is not just another pretty face, she’s a very intelligent little girl as well!!
    So glad to hear from you. Sounds like you are being treated well and enjoying Calgary. I so hope you find a home soon! Maybe tonight!!
    See you very soon. Love Mom xox

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