Christmas Traditions

I know that Halloween just passed but I was thinking of sewing up some stockings for my family and decided to research the tradition.  I checked it out on wikipedia and learned a bit more about Santa than I’d planned to.  Peter and I have typically been against the idea of Santa Claus (which is, apparently, controversial!) but this article says that Nicholas was a follower of Christ who was inspired by Christ’s conversation with the rich young ruler and decided to use his whole inheritance to assist the needy.

I’m not entirely sure how that involves a big red suit and the whole reindeer/North Pole thing, but it did open my eyes a bit to the truth behind “Santa Claus”…



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2 responses to “Christmas Traditions

  1. shantala

    I read the history behind St. Nicolas too. Its very very cool. I think there might be two stories. I think one says that he gave to the poor at a time of year when they needed it most. The other talks about St. Nicolas giving young woman money for a dowry. He put it in the socks hung over the fire to dry. I hate how comercialized christmas has become. I love the original story though. I think its always important to tell the true meaning of christmas… but also to have fun.

  2. Trinda

    Well, we are on the anti-Santa side. We have chosen to be truthful with our little people. Doesn’t mean they can’t have fun sitting on santa’s knee at xmas or whatever. But they know he is not the real deal…at least the version they are so familiar with. Santa is fun but no more real than ninja turtles…ooooo, also controversial…hmmmm.

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