Warm, Cozy, Comforting.

Good things:

– Peeking in on Eva this morning as she slept.  Do your remember wearing full-bodied sleepers when you were a kid?  I remember a yellow one that was fuzzy from washing it so much.  It had the plastic feet and the little flap that buttons over the zipper.  They’ve changed a bit now but they are still so comforting to me.

– Exploring condensation on the windows with Eva.  “Cold!”  “Wet!” She knows so many shapes, so we drew some and she made sure to label them all for me.  She even recognizes her name in print.

– Eva loves reading so much lately.  She is into books that I would consider “too old” for her.  Aren’t two year-olds supposed to have the attention span of about 20 seconds?  Eva likes to read Berenstain Books and Love You Forever and other Robert Munsch titles.  I figured since she loves reading so much, I’d try out “Breaking Dawn” by Stephenie Meyer (the final installment of the Twilight saga).  We were reading it during lunch and when I’d stop to take a bite she’d say “More!”. 

– Today when Peter came home we went out for a little family walk to get the mail.  The mail was pretty useless, but I did get some kind of magazine from Superstore that encourages me to buy their products.  Anyway, the magazine was nice and comforting with pretty pictures and good recipes.  Oh, the walk was nice too.  Eva wore her rubber boots (we still need to get some winter ones) and she didn’t really like the snow being on her boots.  Snow is new for her.  Up until today she hasn’t really been very fond of it, and she’s been talking about some scary snowman for days now.  “Snowman!  SCARED!”

– I guess Peter wanted to nip that fear in the bud so he and Eva stayed outside today in the chilly weather and built a little snowman in the yard, complete with carrott nose and rocks for eyes.  And a toque, so he doesn’t get cold.  It is chilly out there.  I watched from the window, where I was nice and warm.  I did come out to take pictures, so mom, I’ll try to get those on facebook as soon as I can manage.  I know you’ll be agonizing until they are up.  Anyway, after the snowman building, Eva came in asking for hot chocolate.  She’s never had it before but she loved it.  It was great.  I loved staying outside all the time when I was a kid, building forts and tunnels and snowmen and freezing your entire body.  Then coming into the warm house for a hot drink.

– Family hugs before Peter left for his youth leader’s meeting.  The apple I was holding at the time even got to be a part of it.  I bet he liked it… after the hug he was thrown in the trash.


Suffice to say that today was a good day.  These are all little parts to my day, but it’s the little things that make up the big picture.  Man, that was cheesy.  I’ve been known to be cheesy before, so why not now?  Especially when my hearts so ooey-gooey today.  It’s funny, the colder the weather is getting, the warmer my heart is. 

Christmas must be coming.


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