new blog header!

hey everyone in your bloglines and reader, actually visit the blog to see our new header!

for those of you who don’t use bloglines or reader, and actually visit this site to read our blog, check out the new header up there at the top of the screen.



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6 responses to “new blog header!

  1. im confused–
    if these are footnotes, what’s the main body of text?
    or is the internet the text, and you are footnoting it?
    or the bible?
    or whatever pete says?

    or whatever blair says? are you writing footnotes to blair’s blog? there will be a lot of apologies to make…

    im confused.

  2. jessie

    oh dave…

    way to go chels it is sweet!

  3. chelsey

    the main body of text would be our lives, dave, the footnotes end up on the blog.


  4. tbug5

    I like your new header alot! It is great!

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