We’ve spent the whole morning in our pyjamas.



Playing peek-a-boo around the chair.  She bonked her head

I laughed when she was surprised and said “Whoop-sie!” 

A moment later she rubbed her head and said, “Oh! Head!”. 

She was still surprised.  So I kissed her head several times. 

Then she gave me her “feen-her” {finger} to kiss too.

And then I kissed her nose just to be sure.




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7 responses to “Today.

  1. Mom & Grandma Kim

    Awww…Chels, very sweet. Thank you.

  2. kelli

    love it. you guys are so great. <3

  3. tbug5

    this is awesome chels…miss you guys…sad we missed you!

  4. Where is pete in his pj’s?

    I bet eva is taking calgary by storm.

    The Jones’

  5. we are still in victoria, and pete is in calgary. maybe next time he can join us!

  6. Hey guys, I hope the Foothills start feeling home as soon as possible. I hear the tidbits of your lives from LaVonne whenever there’s news to hear, so I always feel like I’m a bit in your loop whether I’m supposed to be or not!

    All the best to all of you…

  7. love these pictures! so inspiring & the striped shirt is what makes it I think! :)

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