I saw this on Brandi’s blog this morning.  I was already struggling to be motivated towards work, and this helped me procrastinate even more.  It is too Christmas-y in here for working!

A = Age: 24

B = Bed size: Queen

C = Chore(s) you hate:  Cat litter (when I had a cat).  I think that I don’t mind the chore so much as not liking HAVING to do it.  Right now the bathroom needs to be cleaned, and usually I find satisfaction in a clean bathroom, but the HAVING to clean it and knowing that it is there waiting to be cleaned is bugging me… yet I am here.

D = Dessert you love: I am way too into desserts.  Chocolate is a favourite.

E = Essential start to your day: Eva crying to wake me up.  Snuggles on the couch or in bed until I feel like moving. 

F = Favorite actor(s): Audrey Tatou because she’s so cute and french.  Brad Pitt.  The Jonas Brothers (okay just kidding).

G = Gold or silver: silver or what is known as white gold.  Does that mean I like gold? 

H = Height: 5’6 I think?

I = Instruments you play: I can sort of play guitar and now that Peter’s guitar is home all the time I plan to play a lot more.

J = Job Title: Business Owner: Chelsey Roberts Photography,

K = Kitchen colors: green

L = Living arrangements: Chelsey, Peter, Eva in a house.

M = My name is: Chelsey

N = Nicknames: Chels, and some oldies from toddlerhood: Curly Joe from Idaho, Chelsey Dawn Foofer Doofer, Chelsey Elsie, Hotcakes Fowler (this was said to me in second grade and when I told my friends the story in highschool they insisted on calling me that).  But really, it’s just Chels.

O = Overnight hospital stay:  Two nights for having a baby.

P = Pets: two stuffed animals, one named Buzz, the other is un-named.

Q = Favorite Quotes:  “Jesus is the king of the world… therefore, he is the king of rock and roll.” – Peter Roberts, after watching a documentary on Elvis Presley

R = Right or left handed: right

S = Siblings: 2 bros, one blood, one step.

T = Time you woke up today: 8:00

U = Unique about you: I am me. 

V = Veggie you love: peas, red peppers.

W = Worst habit: knuckle cracking maybe. 

X = Xrays you’ve had: none!  I’ve never broken a bone.  Now later today I’ll probably go out, slip on the ice and break something.

Y = Yummy food you make: cookies. I want to make more yummy foods but I’m lazy.

Z = Zodiac sign: Virgo.


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  1. glad i could keep you away from work! :)

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