Grosgrain’s has done it to me again…

Quite some time ago I posted on my blog about how I wished I had an apron to bake with because of my friend Elise who often wore aprons and I would always think about how motherly she seemed and it made me want one too.  My friend Mary read my blog and presented me with a lovely gift… an apron! 

I love it when flour goes flying out of the bowl and onto ME because I have my apron to get dirty with as I bake and prepare food for my family.  Eva now enjoys helping with baking and is well known for getting flour everywhere (she has to work on her stirring skills a bit…) so recently I have been longing for an child-sized apron for her.

And then Grosgrain’s popped up in my google reader with this cute Sugar Cookie Frock Giveaway!


NOT ONLY does the contest include the little frock, but the Lela doll too!  Lela dolls are created by one of my favourite creative people of the blogging world, Rubyellen of Cakies (nothing in the store right now, it’s Christmas break!!).  I have wanted to get a Lela doll (or make one similar) for Eva for some time, so if I win the frock and the Lela doll it will be a double wammy!

When you link to Grosgrain’s blog on your blog, she enters you into the contest.  So, here’s to my name being pulled from the hat! 

Also, check out the sale on the cute little aviary skirts that I tried to win last time!


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One response to “Grosgrain’s has done it to me again…

  1. Mom & Grandma Kim

    Oh, I so hope you win!! I’ll keep my eye open for a child apron. That would be so sweet!

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