Back from the holidays.

We are back in Calgary, safe and sound… and warm!  It was so cold the whole time we were in Saskatchewan!  A balmy -6 when we arrived home :)

Both Peter and I are back at work.  I am getting ready for an editing marathon to knock off the last three weddings and four portrait sessions that I have left.  My friend Brittany loaded up my iPod  so it should be a pretty good three weeks.  I set up a bunch of Eva’s new toys yesterday which include a play kitchen and her doll set (cradle, high chair, stroller) so that has been keeping her busy.  I am planning a major celebration once I am done.  Major meaning minor, and celebration meaning watching a movie on the couch or something.

I ate about 25 pounds of  chocolate and probably drank two cases of diet coke while I was on vacation.  Maybe that’s exagerrating, but I definitely don’t feel good about it.  So I am making a serious effort to counter my bad habits with good ones by drinking water and eating my fruits and veggies.  And NO chocolate.  Even though I have a box of Lindors, which are my favourites, upstairs.   See?  I can be disciplined.

I can hear my sweet child waking up now, so, sorry for the boring post, but I gotta go!



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2 responses to “Back from the holidays.

  1. Tim

    If I had chocolates in my house I would eat them – if something bad is in my house it gets consumed… so I try not to bring them in (doesn’t always work that well). Go upstairs right now and eat those chocolates, get it over with, then you don’t have to fight the battle!

  2. i wasn’t really struggling, but your suggestion did encourage me to eat just one. i like to eat one a day. it’s a little treat to look forward to. once the box was opened i realized there wasn’t that many in there anyway. so they will be out of my house in 5 days.

    or 2.

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